Get the Sales Stats by Category template FREE, when you sign up for the Urgio 30 Day Challenge!

What is Urgio?

Urgio is a 30 day challenge, with 21 days of video assignments and live coaching, to help you launch your first (or next) Product Line!  

It’s all about building the right product lines that will SELL OUT… 

taking all the traffic, and stealing all the sales! 

Learn more about it here, but hurry because it’s starting soon!


The challenge starts Monday September 9th, so enrollment is closing Thursday 9/5. 

Time Saving Templates Bonus

When you join the challenge here, you will also get a FREE Sales Statistics Worksheet.  This template will help you identify sales trends and determine which product categories are your best sellers – the data may surprise you!   It’s always good to keep track of what’s working so you can focus on creating more best sellers.  See a sample demonstration of how the Sales Stats worksheet works here: 

Disclosure: Time Saving Templates are pros at reviewing awesome things that will save you time and if you buy future items from those companies, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our partner, Cupcake Trainings, LLC, at no extra cost to you.