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The Salary Increase Analysis template and the Pay Structure Design template – already have all the comp metrics and formulas set up for you to plug your information into.   

#1: Quickly analyze various salary increase requests against internal averages and market data, in this easy to use spreadsheet template:

The Salary Increase Analysis template has 3 separate pages to easily enter increase requests based on:
•Salaried to salaried position promotions and adjustments
•Hourly to hourly position promotions and adjustments
•Hourly to salaried promotions
Each page will also calculate the percentage increase, along with these metrics: 
•Range Penetration
•Market Index

#2: Save time in reviewing the ranges per salary band or grade with this Pay Structure Design template:

The pay structure design template consists of 3 pages to help determine your salary band ranges.   Just plug in the information you have, and the file will calculate for you:
  • Midpoint differential
  • Range Spread
  • Determine Min, Mid and Max depending on which information you input. 
Each template is designed in MS Excel and comes with PDF directions on how to use it, plus support for any questions. 
You will receive these templates via email, within 24 hours, but usually same day. 
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