The Streamline your Circus Collection of new spreadsheet templates has arrived!

Let’s just say that the movie The Greatest Showman has inspired me to name the collection after the circus!

What does the circus have to do with spreadsheets, you ask? Stay with me!

The Greatest Showman is a truly inspiration movie, and it was interesting to see how P.T. Barnum came from a poor background, and then started a small business, that turned into the legend we know as the circus. 
Today we think of the circus as having to do mostly with animals, but when it first started it seems like it was more about the people in the circus.
It was interesting how P.T. Barnum recruited people who were otherwise rejected or looked down on, and he saw value in them when others didn’t.  Not only did he see their value, but he was able to put together a profitable business, of people who worked together and found meaning in their work.

Still wondering how this could relate to spreadsheets? Keep reading!

The circus has so many moving parts – all working together to bring you the greatest show on earth.  Keeping all of those different parts working well takes a lot of behind the scenes effort.  When you utilize excel templates to keep the behind-the-scenes parts of your Business, HR department or Rental Properties organized, everything else is going to work together seamlessly.

I want you to be the ringmaster of your circus!

You might be facing a lot of challenges when it comes to keeping your data organized, but with the right tools and templates, you’ll be able to succeed by focusing on what you do best, not wasting time setting up excel spreadsheets or learning formulas (unless you’re weird like me and want to!) 😉

Whatever you set out to do, I know that you can be the ringmaster of your own ‘Greatest show on earth’!

You’re ambitious and have BIG goals! 

Naturally that’s going to translate to a juggling act where you are responsible for keeping up with juggling more and more balls.  But just because you are ambitious, doesn’t mean you have to deal with the stress of too much on your plate! 

Using pre-made templates are a great way to juggle 1 less thing and move it off of your plate, so you can put your focus on what you enjoy best.  Each spreadsheet template is designed for ease of use and ultimate efficiency, to help with tasks specific for:

  • > Human Resources
  • > Small Businesses 
  • > Rental Property management

The circus can be a chaotic place, but it can also be the greatest show on earth!  When you use the right tools and templates, you can bring order to any chaotic situation, and turn it into your own greatest show on earth. 

Have you ever thought about how important it is to ask the right questions?

If your question begins with HOW, I think you’re on the right track. For example:

How do we work smarter, not harder?

How do we do more with less?

How can we more efficiently get our work done?


How do we Re-write the Stars?

In The Greatest Showman, one of the best songs and scene was Rewrite the Stars.  Although it’s a beautiful love song (and would be fun to fly with aerial silks), the song can apply to more than romance.

The song is a back and forth duet, going from doubt and being stuck into thinking they have to be what other people except them to be, and turns to asking how could they make things work, then realizing they can because no one else gets to decide what they’re going to be.

YOU are re-writing the stars when you ask HOW and then continue to change the world by being you.

So by now, if you haven’t seen the movie, maybe you’ll go watch it!  I’m not a motivational writer, so I know haven’t done the movie proper justice with this post!  What were your favorite scenes from The Greatest Showman?

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