Tackle the high cost of Turnover AND get your time back!

Do you feel like recruiting for open positions is a
never ending hamster-wheel?

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When you are faced with High Turnover issues, it’s so easy to get caught up in recruiting and screening qualified candidates, that there’s little time for anything else. 

How can you focus on retention, when all that management is concerned with is if the 

latest opening has been filled?

Imagine if you could save time on your HR tasks and step into the strategic HR role 

to truly improve turnover and retention.

The Great Resignation is NOT making your job any easier!

If recruiting and turnover are just one of the many HR hats you wear, chances are you could be drowning in administrative HR work and barely keeping up.

Does this sound familiar?

What you deserve is easy access to High-Quality Spreadsheet Templates and a Roadmap to solving the retention crisis.

Stop drowning in administrative HR tasks, and step up to the Strategic HR business partner role

It's possible with these templates and resources at your fingertips!

Just look at everything that's included:

Total Value $4,500

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Only $47

Finally have the tools and resources to BREAK through the vicious REACTIVE cycle and gain insight and management support with PROACTIVE solutions to increase retention.

And the Best Part Is:

You’ll have time to do more of the work that you love

Don’t let the administrative part of tracking turnover and hiring costs hold you back.  You need the data to make informed decisions, but you can provide such a stronger strategic impact when you have time to review and apply it! 

Let’s get a plan in place to get your turnover and retention on track, all while saving time and stepping up as a Strategic HR partner.

Look how much high Turnover is costing!

50% - 60%

The average percentage of an annual employee salary is the direct cost to replace them. (source: American Progress)


The percentage of employees considering a new job (source: Gallup)


Of new employees will leave in the first year (source: Allied Workforce Mobility Survey)


Of employees would leave a company for better development and learning (source: Vantage Circle)

Let’s face it, you could spend thousands $$$ or HOURS of time you don’t have, just to develop these spreadsheet templates I’ve already created for you.

The Tackle Turnover Toolkit was SPECIFICALLY Designed for:

HR Managers or Business Partners

Small & Medium Business Owners

Managers or Departments with High Turnover issues

HR Generalists or Consultants

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The Tackle Turnover Toolkit can help combat turnover for people who:

STOP spinning your wheels on HR Admin duties all day

I’ve done the heavy lifting so you can focus on the strategic part of your role that you love!

Take a shortcut to tracking with premium spreadsheet templates.

Step into the Strategic HR Business Partner role your company needs to get through High Turnover times.

Bring the Data and the Solutions that will gain management support and increase retention. 

Use Pre-Designed Templates to track your Turnover, Cost to Hire, and gain management support for Retention Programs, in lightning speed.

DISCLAIMER: The Turnover Toolkit is NOT a Course or 1:1 Consulting

It is a simple solution to get you ahead of the game with your
Turnover and Retention Programs.

How can these templates help you succeed?

When you can track and measure just how much Turnover and Hiring is costing, you are so much more prepared to do something about it.

With the Turnover Report, you can: 

  • Understand WHY people are leaving

  • Easily spot trends by department or manager

  • Highlight when people are most likely to resign

  • Track turnover rates so you can report on improvements!

With the Cost to Hire template, you can: 

  • Place a real cost to every resignation based on data specific to your organization.

  • Gain management buy-in and budget support for cost saving retention programs.

  • Spot ways to improve your cost to hire with the most effective hiring sources.

Hi, I'm Erin! I could go on and on about how I'm qualified to help you with turnover since I ~

Bla! Who cares about me! None of this matters except for 1 thing:

After everything I've learned and been through, I still get the most joy out of helping YOU!

That's why Time Saving Templates is on a mission to help you Streamline & Save Time

We’ve been designing excel templates since 2013! Time Saving Templates started as a small Etsy shop in 2013, and has since grown onto YouTube and this website.

We have a small but mighty team – ready to support you in utilizing these excel templates for your unique situation.

Time Saving Templates has over 600 positive reviews:


Just listen to what our customers are saying:

Total Value $4,500

Just for today


Only $47

What is included with each template?

Every template is designed specifically for you to be able to easily input your information – with formulas and charts already set up, so you don’t have to understand how to edit formulas or create charts from scratch.

  1. Turnover Tracking Template

How Turnover Template works:

2. Cost to Hire Template

3. Resignation-Proof Roadmap

BONUS #1: Salary Range Re-Set Template

BONUS #2: FREE Upgrade – Track Turnover by Length of Service / Tenure

BONUS #3:  All the Editable Versions of the templates

Make my Template Formulas Editable - Unprotected version add on

Total Value $4,500

Just for today


Only $47

Your TIME is the most valuable resource of all. Use it wisely!

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What will you lose if you don't do something about your Turnover Problem?

Be Prepared to Face the Following Challenges:

Common Questions!

This package is compatible with:

MS Excel or Google Sheets

Direction files are in PDF format.

The templates will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase, but usually it’s within a few hours during the daytime.

All orders are sent from timesavingtemplates@gmail.com or info@timesavingtemplates.com

Sometimes the emails can get stuck in the junk or promotions folders, so don’t forget to check there for it. 

Yes!  The templates are designed in MS Excel and are compatible with all versions of Excel. 

With a Mac computer, you will need ‘Excel for Macs’ or Google Sheets.  Templates do not work with Numbers program on the Mac.

Most templates work well with Google Sheets, which is a free program, as well as One Drive online Excel. 

When purchasing the templates as-is, you agree to the licensing terms which allow the template to be used by the buyer only, and to not share the templates with others who haven’t paid for the product. 

All templates come personalized with your name or business name, and that cell remains protected. 

You may purchase the license upgrade to use the templates for your own clients, when it is part of a service you provide.  See the Commercial license option at checkout for more details.

Most of the templates come with the cells with formulas protected, to provide a fool-proof experience and prevent someone from accidentally deleting or writing over a formula, which could cause the template to not work as described.

There is usually an extra fee to receive the editable formulas version of each template.  When you purchase from this page, you will receive the editable versions as a BONUS for free.