You NEVER have to get stuck designing
Excel Spreadsheets for your Compensation Programs,
from scratch again...

Design a Pay for Performance Plan in minutes

by shaving off the hours and days that have already been spent 

designing these easy to use templates!

Are you struggling to stay on top of All. The. HR. Things?!

You dove into a career in HR because you love PEOPLE, not NUMBERS.  Yet, when it comes to employee pay and compensation analysis – you don’t want to get those numbers wrong.  

Does this sound familiar:

Guess what?  You don’t need large, expensive software or hefty consultant fees to set up an effective Pay for Performance Program for your organization.

Instead, tap into these expert designed resources and shave hours off your to-do list.

Get these templates and more!

No Salary Ranges?

No Problem!  

This package comes with a salary range template, or you can use the merit program and promotion templates without ranges too.

Get all these extra BONUSES when you purchase today:

Total Value $4,500

Just for today


Only $97

And the Best Part Is:

It works even if you are a complete NEWBIE to HR/Compensation activities or Excel spreadsheets

Every template is designed specifically for you to be able to easily input your information – with formulas and charts already set up, so you don’t have to understand how to edit formulas or create charts from scratch.

You NEVER have to spend $$$ or your Productive TIME to get your Compensation spreadsheets DONE

LOOK! See how much it would cost to hire an expert?

You could spend thousands $$$ just to get 1 customized option for your Pay for Performance plans OR pay less than $100 for something that took hours and days to create!  I’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

The Base Pay Bundle was SPECIFICALLY Designed for:

HR Managers or Business Partners

Small & Medium Business Owners

Compensation Analysts or Managers

HR or Compensation Consultants

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Who can benefit the most from the Base Pay Bundle?

All HR and Compensation Professionals, Consultants and Small Business Owners...

STOP trying to Figure Everything Out On Your Own

And Just Follow the Experts Work

Use Pre-Designed Templates to Get your Salary Structure, Promotions Review and Merit Increase Programs DONE in lightning speed.

WARNING: The Base Pay Bundle is NOT a Course or 1:1 Consulting

It is a simple solution to get you ahead of schedule with your
Base Pay Programs.

What motivated me to spend months creating these shortcuts for you?

One critical situation triggered me to create these amazing Compensation Templates

I noticed that HR professionals and Small Companies are struggling just to re-create the wheel.

Understanding what to do with employee compensation and how to manage it in excel spreadsheets is not easy when you have to start from scratch.

Luckily, you do NOT have to be in this situation when you can have access to these templates and resources.

Why am I qualified to help with Compensation Programs?

I could go on and on about how I’m qualified in the compensation industry… but it doesn’t matter that I

Bla! Who cares about me! None of this matters except for 1 thing:

After everything I've learned and been through, I still get the most joy out of helping YOU!

That's why Time Saving Templates is on a mission to help you Streamline & Save Time

Time Saving Templates started as a small Etsy shop in 2013, and later launched this website and YouTube channel in 2017. 

Over the years we’ve grown to a small but mighty team – ready to support you in using these templates for your situation. 

Just look – over 600 positive reviews:

HR is all about people, not Numbers!

Are you one who hates working with the numbers and formulas?

Believe me, I know how it feels!

There’s nothing more annoying than spending hours trying to get a spreadsheet to do what you want!  

Then with the ambiguity and frustration of not knowing the right way compensation plans should be set up or if you are really paying for performance.

When people face spreadsheet struggles, they jump online and spend hours hunting google or youtube to find a solution.  There are literally MILLIONS of videos to sort through – do you have time to watch all of those? 

When professionals face specific compensation challenges, this specialized information is even harder to find and you don’t know which sources are truly credible. 

And if you can’t find a solution that relates to your exact problem, any solution you find online is next to useless.

You end up feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by all the different compensation or formula jargon, and all the different ways you could edit an excel spreadsheet.

What you deserve is easy access to High-Quality Compensation Spreadsheet Templates, crafted by an experienced and certified expert.

To empower you, we're thrilled to announce our brand-new package deal:

Total Value $4,500

Just for today


Only $97

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

So you don’t have to spend long days trying to figure out how to design and administer your compensation programs.

All you need to do is follow the proven process:

Choose the template that works best for your situation.

Enter your data or copy and paste it in.

Make data-based decisions with summary reports and analytics.


Just listen to what our customers are saying:

And you know what?  

Your struggles end here.  You NEVER have to create a compensation template from scratch again.

This is the POWER of the Base Pay Bundle

The Base Pay Bundle is like having your own little Certified Comp Consultant in your back pocket, but for the fraction of the cost. 

You have everything needed to set up your salary ranges, identify where existing employees fall within these ranges, and conduct merit increase programs that are based on performance. 

….And the list goes on and on

You can be a master in designing and implementing compensation programs, even if you are a complete newbie to Compensation activities and spreadsheets. 

What is included with each template?

  1. Annual Merit Increase Matrix Template

How Merit Matrix Template works - with all the upgrade options:

2. Promotions and Adjustments Template

3. Pay Structure Design Template

BONUS #1: Merit Program Assessment Template

BONUS #2: Merit Program Gender Pay Analysis Template

BONUS #3: Get Started with Excel Video Guide

BONUS #4:  All the Editable Versions of the templates

Make my Template Formulas Editable - Unprotected version add on

BONUS #5:  Compensation Metrics Cheatsheet

Total Value $4,500

Just for today


Only $97

Your TIME is the most valuable resource of all. Use it wisely!

If you miss this deal, later you will have to pay $$ to get the same templates.

What will you lose if you don't have this Base Pay Bundle?

Be Prepared to Face the Following Challenges:

Common Questions!

This package is compatible with:

MS Excel or Google Sheets

Direction files are in PDF format.

The templates will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase, but usually it’s within a few hours during the daytime.

All orders are sent from or

Sometimes the emails can get stuck in the junk or promotions folders, so don’t forget to check there for it. 

Yes!  The templates are designed in MS Excel and are compatible with all versions of Excel. 

With a Mac computer, you will need ‘Excel for Macs’ or Google Sheets.  Templates do not work with Numbers program on the Mac.

Most templates work well with Google Sheets, which is a free program, as well as One Drive online Excel. 

When purchasing the templates as-is, you agree to the licensing terms which allow the template to be used by the buyer only, and to not share the templates with others who haven’t paid for the product. 

All templates come personalized with your name or business name, and that cell remains protected. 

You may purchase the license upgrade to use the templates for your own clients, when it is part of a service you provide.  See the Commercial license option at checkout for more details.

Most of the templates come with the cells with formulas protected, to provide a fool-proof experience and prevent someone from accidentally deleting or writing over a formula, which could cause the template to not work as described.

There is usually an extra fee to receive the editable formulas version of each template.  When you purchase from this page, you will receive the editable versions as a BONUS for free.