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Working in HR can be overwhelming!

Does this sound familiar?

What if you had the tools and templates to mark those data analysis details off your to-do list?

As an HR professional, you have the influence and impact to truly make a difference for your organization at the strategic level + advance your career.

But first you need data on your side!

Chances are you didn’t go into HR because of your love of numbers and data? And that’s OK!

You don’t have to have years of data analysis skills or certifications, when you have access to an extensive library of expert designed spreadsheet templates and tools.

We’ve already done the heavy-lifting for you! 

The All-Star Solution

Now managing employee compensation & HR metrics can be done in 3 simple steps:

All Access to All Templates + Guides

Easily find the template or resource for your most pressing projects around HR or compensation, with our extensive library of spreadsheet templates and guides, designed by experts.

Enter your data with a simple copy + paste

All you have to do is enter your company data via copy and paste and follow the steps. OR for more adventurous professionals, make your own customizations with these fully unlocked versions.

Gain insights from your data!

It's easy to draw conclusions and know your next best course of action when you have the data to back you up. Spend more time on the strategic analysis and less on the building of reports.

STOP wasting time reinventing the wheel!

There is no reason to work harder instead of smarter, when you can have expert designed spreadsheet templates at your fingertips and conquer all your HR and compensation analysis and reporting tasks.

The All Star HR Template bundle is tailor-made for:

HR Professionals

Whether you are involved in HR initiatives - planning, reviewing and partnering with the business, OR if you spend much time in the details-crunching numbers and reporting.

No Compensation Department

A big portion of the templates are compensation related. If you're company doesn't have a comp person on staff, templates are the next best thing.

HR Department of 1

If you are the only HR resource at your company, this bundle is a must! You have a lot on your plate and templates can help you shortcut & elevate your productivity.


With access to unlocked versions of the templates, you can make your own customizations for unique situations, when it's part of an overall service. *See terms for more details

Crush your goals

With access to all templates, anytime!

Make it easy on yourself! Once you gain access to the template library, you'll be able to achieve those goals without the extra weight that comes with starting from scratch.

The All-Star HR package is an exclusive collection designed to simplify your workflow and supercharge your productivity, so you can be on the path to becoming an HR All Star.

As a BONUS - All versions are upgraded to UNLOCKED - so you can make these templates your own!
Here’s a crazy question for you:

what if you could bring strategic insights and enhance the way HR brings data to the table?

without spending hours stuck in the weeds of learning excel formulas and data crunching?
Hang tight. We’re about to share how!
Elevate to all star status

With 6 Modules for Success

We made it easy for you! Simply login immediately after purchase, and you will find 6 modules that contain numerous templates, PDFs and links to tutorials.

Compensation: Base Pay

6 + templates to help with Salary Range Review, Merit Increase Programs, Promotions and salary increases.

Total Rewards Statements

2 types of employee total rewards statements, can help you summarize and outline all the comp and benefits provided to your employees.

Compensation: Bonus Programs

3 types of bonus program templates: variable compensation with organization and individual weighting, sales quota attainment & commission, plus KPI metrics tied to bonus pools.

Performance Management

Several versions of a performance review template are available to help set and measure employee performance.

Turnover + Retention

4 + templates to help with tracking turnover, calculating cost to hire and a PDF resignation-proof roadmap to help develop retention programs.

HR Tracking + Admin

Everything from tracking overtime, to attendance, vacation and PTO.


Just look what our customers have to say:

Denita G.
Total Reward Statements
Quality Solutions
"If you are looking to overhaul your compensation and benefits program, several tools available here will assist in gaining buy in from executives and help you build in equity across multiple pay grades. It not only saves you time but eliminates the headache of creating form like this yourself. Similar products offered through HRIS or payroll systems will cost you per employee as well as a base amount. I love these."
Alyssa Lang
Key Performance Indicators + Customizations
Loved The Support
"Thank you so much to the team at Time Saving Templates for helping us out to create custom spreadsheets to support our business even further! We wanted detailed KPI spreadsheets and a way to track bonuses across the team!
Couldn't have done it without you!"
Ann Mary Bender
Variable Compensation - Bonus Template
Worked Perfectly
"Helped us budget and forecast different models. Was a great tool."
Louie Goulart
Performance Review Template
Huge Help
"I'm very happy with the product. It is very easy to use, and the instructions are spot on. It would've taken several hours to put together this type of sheet. Thank you, good work!"

Variable Compensation - Bonus Template


Limited Time Offer

When you get the HR All Star Bundle today, we'll include a FREE spreadsheet customization, to one of the templates in the library.

This is your chance to truly tap into our expertise and help build out a solution that is specific to your unique situation. Normally $499+, but will be yours for FREE as a thank you!

Here's a glimpse into how we can help customize:

Annual Merit Increase Program

The merit increase template is perfect for implementing company-wide salary increases and providing reports and analysis on average increases received.
CUSTOMIZE: Add a feature that flags those over the range and allows for lump sum awards in lui of a salary increase. Plus update the budgeting features include lump sum.

Variable Compensation Template

The current Variable Compensation template is perfect for implementing annual bonus payouts that are based on company financial results and individual performance ratings.
CUSTOMIZE: Add a 3rd element to the bonus payout calculation, such as business unit performance.

KPI Template

The KPI template is a powerful tool for tracking progress, but what if you have different types of measurements?
CUSTOMIZE: Add an option to measure performance based on decreasing or lowering a metric, or by adding a yes/no feature.
CUSTOMIZE: Using the same template, add additional tabs/pages, duplicating so it can work for an even larger workforce.

Over 600+ positive reviews for Time Saving Templates!

It’s true that I’ve been designing excel spreadsheet templates, here at Time Saving Templates since 2013!

What first started as a small Etsy shop in 2013, has grown to the thriving website and YouTube channel today and I’m thrilled to continue providing spreadsheet solutions that will make your life easier. 

Time Saving Templates has a small, but mighty team, that is ready to serve you and help you get the most out of our spreadsheet solutions. 

Why would I be qualified to create these templates?

Before starting Time Saving Templates, I had 10+ years of corporate compensation experience and have worked hard to gain these certifications: Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) and Professional in Human Resources (PHR). 

Since starting Time Saving Templates, I continue to provide limited compensation consulting through a consulting firm, but I’m most passionate about designing tools that will streamline HR and compensation processes and procedures.  

Don't just take my word for it, look at all these positive reviews!

Finally have time to focus on the strategic part of your role and elevate your career to All-Star Status

WARNING: This package is not 1-1 individualized consulting

Unlike 1-1 individualized compensation support, you won’t continue getting billed for months on end.  If you do have the means to invest in hiring a compensation consultant, I’d like to introduce you to the same consulting firm that I work with part-time – they are great!  If you are just looking for a shortcut and a 1 time payment – the HR All Star package is for you!

WARNING: This package is not a course

If you want to spend hours watching training videos to learn how to create templates yourself, this is not the package for you.  It will save you much more time to use the templates we’ve already created vs. learning about all the details. I do have demo’s on how to use the templates and regularly post quick spreadsheet tips on YouTube.

Just Look at Everything that's included:

20+ Excel Templates can be yours!

module ONE

Base Pay Programs

Total Value: $4,000
Module TWO


Total Value: $3,500
module Three

Employee Rewards Statements

Total Value: $4,000
Module Four

Performance Management

Total Value: $2,000
module Five

Turnover + Retention

Total Value: $4,000

Module six

HR Tracking & Admin

Total Value: $1,500

You Deserve these Templates!

Total Value:

Total Value: $19,000

Today's price: just $997

Imagine the possibilities

With access to ALL of these templates and guides, now you can optimize your HR workflows, enhance decision-making, and drive organizational success. 

frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

At checkout, you will be promoted to create a password and will be able to login and view and download the templates anytime. 

Yes, you will need a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. However most of the templates also work fine with Google Sheets.  If you run into any compatibility issues, we are also happy to support you.

If you still have questions, we are happy to help – just sent us an email to and you should get a response within 24 hours. 

Yes. When you get the All-Access pass, this includes free upgrade to the Unlocked versions of each template, so you are able to make any changes that you’d like.

All the templates are set up to be easy to use and come with PDF directions and/or video examples of how to use them. Typically the templates all follow a similar color-coding, which indicates where the formulas are and where to enter your information.

We also have many videos on how to use excel for beginners and are happy to help if you run into any questions.  

You will have access to all the unlocked versions, where the formulas are not protected. However if you want the formulas protected, we are happy to send you that version too.

With the All-Access pass, the license upgrade is included – which allows you to use the templates for your own clients, when it is part of an overall service you provide.  Re-selling of the templates as-is or as your own, is NOT included. 

However when you change companies, you can also use the templates at your new company, no need to buy another version.

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