Sales Commission Structure Template

How to Calculate Sales Compensation (The Quota Attainment Method) with Excel

Save your precious business hours with a simplified and easy-to-use Sales Commission Excel template.

At Time Saving Templates, we like to leverage the best spreadsheet techniques to solve complex calculation problems – Why go through the hassle when all the formula work has already been done for you?

In the three-part series, I’ve strategically divided the whole process of calculating the sales commission plan so that it’s easier to follow, understand and implement with your sales team.

With a thorough knowledge of the process, you are fully equipped to handle sales compensation calculations like a pro. 

Part 1: How Pay Mix affects Sales commission!

A Pay Mix is a proportion of your sales rep’s base bay to how much they earn in sales commission.

Part 2: How to link total sales volume to sales commission targets!

Establishing sales volume parameters with respect to target incentives is vital to ensure an effective pay-to-performance framework. 

Part 3: The final part wraps up the series with a breakdown of the quota attainment method in sales compensation.

A salesperson’s overall sales are measured in terms of achieving their target quota for the given period. It serves as a gauge of how close they came to achieving their objective for that specific time period. 


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