Rental Property Tracking

Whether your rental properties are something you do on the side or your main source of income, tracking the income and expenses doesn’t have to be complicated!

At Time Saving Templates, we believe it can be simple!  A well designed spreadsheet template can help with organizing rental expenses and income tracking, throughout the year – and for years to come.

Bonus: Pay 1x for templates & use year after year!

Why pay for expensive software when you can pay for a spreadsheet template 1x, and continue using it for tracking your properties year after year?  

A huge plus for using spreadsheet templates to track your rental properties: you only pay a 1X fee for the template, which you can keep using year after year.  No need to keep paying for subscriptions or expensive software’s (Besides MS Office, which most people have anyway!)  Most Time Saving Templates are compatible with the free GoogleSheets program, if you don’t plan on using with MS Excel. 

The #1 Question we get: Which template should I use for my specific rental situation?!

Now you can easily determine which template is right for your situation by taking the Rental Template Quiz.   There are a lot of options for tracking your properties, and that’s because each template comes designed specifically with certain features in mind.  What works for long term rentals may not work for short term, but we have a template that can work for each situation.  So go ahead and take the Quiz here: