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Based on the answers to the quiz...

It sounds like you are looking to track rental property units and you have more than 6 units per property to track.

OR you have less than 6 units, but you want to track the expenses per individual unit, not per building. 

The Landlord template will be the best option for tracking units when you have many units to track or need the expenses separated out per unit.   You can track up to 110 units with this template:

With the Landlord template, you will be able to:

  1. Individual Property and Unit Summary – Easily track income and expenses for each individual property, and treat each unit as it’s own property.

  2. Rental Income Section – Track rental income as you receive them, as well as remaining unpaid balances, both for short term and long term rentals

  3. Rental Expenses Section -Manage your expenses on each property and categorize them for purposes like tax filing 

See an example of using the Landlord Template for Units:

Here is another example of how to use this template:

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