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Based on your answers, there are a few options that could work for you:

Option 1: VRBO or Airbnb

If you use VRBO or Airbnb to track your vacation rentals, one of these templates (or a combination of both), can help you streamline the whole process of tracking your rental income and expenses. 

The main feature that can help you save time with these versions, is that you’re able to download your csv’s directly from VRBO or Airbnb and paste them into the template.  This means you can download an entire year’s worth of data, and the template will add up your totals for income and listing fees. 

The Airbnb and VRBO templates work well for up to 10 properties.  The summary page will show annual totals of rental income and expenses for each property.

This option isn’t for everyone – some people don’t want to mess with downloading csv’s, and they want to enter their rental income as it occurs.  

Or you may want to see a summary that contains monthly totals, not just annual totals.

If that is the case for you, this next option 2 will work better:

Option 2 - Landlord Template

The Landlord template provides more flexibility to enter your rental income as each rental occurs.  There is plenty of space to add in multiple renters per month, which is common for vacation rentals. 

All of the rental templates come with the 14 main expense categories used in Schedule E, however the Landlord has ability to add up to 8 more of your own expense categories. 

You can also see monthly summaries per rental.  The Landlord template starts at 5 properties and goes up to options for 110 properties.  

Here is a video that walks through this template:

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