Wedding Budget Template by Expense Categories


Planning a wedding, regardless of the size of your budget, is no easy task. Makes things easy on yourself by utilizing this handy template that will automatically allocate how much you should spend on each category, based on your overall budget.

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Stay on track with your wedding budget, with this template that will help you plan and track your wedding spending and is simple and easy to use. In the summary page, simply enter your total budget at the top and then allocate a percentage to each of the 12 categories. The rest of the summary will populate, giving you a guideline for the dollar amount you should spend in each category.

The summary page will also link to the wedding detail page, which is where you will enter the details of items purchased within each category. There is a different section for each of the 12 categories, where you can enter the specifics for both what you plan to spend and what you actually end up spending. The 12 categories included are-
•Floral/ Decorations
•Hair/ Makeup

At the bottom of each category section, the total estimated cost and the actual cost will automatically add up the totals, giving you a clear comparison to compare with your original budgeted amounts.

If your detailed estimates or actual spent go over the original budget by category, the total will be highlighted red.

In the pictured example, the estimated cost for the Reception category comes out to $10,900, but the amount budgeted was $4,500 (30% of 15,000), so the 10,900 is highlighted red. Although, the actual cost has not been entered so that part is not highlighted.

You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet available to download after purchase.

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