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If you are just starting to plan a wedding and are still looking for the perfect venue, this template is going to help you in deciding on the perfect venue.  This wedding planner for receptions will help you easily compare the various costs associated with different venues so you can see the overall impact to your budget.

Every venue usually has so many options, that it’s hard to know if you are comparing apples to apples.  This template is designed to help you compare various venues and options in order to choose the right one for you.

One of my favorite parts of planning my own wedding was going to the different open houses at hotels and country clubs (and getting to sample the cake!)… We visited about 15 locations, before making a decision and I came up with this spreadsheet to compare all the locations as I went. From this experience, I’ve listed most of the possible fees and expenses that a venue would charge, however I’m sure venues are coming up with new charges all the time so you’ll be able to change these and there are 9 blank spaces at the end to add anything else.  The file is set up to compare 15 venues.

Below are the main features:

*The file will help with ‘per person’ calculations. Many venues charge at a per person rate (price per plate of food, price per chair cover, etc). All you will have to do is select Yes or No to indicate if a particular item/category is per person, and enter the per person rate. The file will then calculate total expense based on the estimated head count entered at the top of your page.

*You will be able to change your estimated headcount and the expenses that are calculated at a ‘per person’ rate will updated automatically. This will help you compare the various costs before you have finalized your headcount or if you are considering increasing/ decreasing your headcount.

*The file will help ensure you are meeting any food and drink minimum’s required by your venue. Some venues will require a minimum amount of food and drink you have to purchase through their venue in order to book that location. Once you enter the minimum amount for that venue, the file will indicate whether you have met the minimum or gone under minimum, which can vary based on your headcount.

*Gratuity/ Service Fee’s – Each venue may have a different gratuity percentage that is required. You’ll be able to enter the percentage for each venue and the file will calculate the total gratuity for that venue, which will update/vary based on headcount and total costs.

*Sales Tax – If you live in a state that requires sales tax, this is not an expense that you want to overlook as it can add up quickly depending on how much you are spending. All you have to do is enter the % for the venue and the tax will update automatically as your headcount or other expenses are added to the venue.

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You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet by email.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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