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Design a time-base Step Rate Pay System

This template has made it easy for you to design and implement a Step Rate Pay System.

The step rate pay scale template is a very structured compensation system, that is common in union environments, such as teaching, manufacturing or public/government jobs such as police officers.

This compensation structure is ideal when there isn’t any easy way to differentiate pay based on performance.  Another benefit for using this type of compensation structure is that it ensures internal equity, based on seniority.

Create a time based step increase system

With this template you can outline and customize the amount of steps each role or grade will have – it can help you break out the time requirements needed at each step and the increase amount for each step.

Once you enter your grades/levels in the blue cells above, along with your desired number of steps and the min and max of the range, the file will break out how much of an increase you can have at each step. That’s if you want to keep it consistent across all steps – but there is also ability to customize the exact amounts in the next chart. 

Shown above, you will also set the time seniority that each employee should reach to be eligible for the next step increase. 

Model Different Scenarios

Once you paste in your employee information and date of hires into the template, the formulas are already set up for you to calculate when and how much the next scheduled step increases will be.

Easily Administer Step Rate Increases

The template has made it easy for you to enter a specific month and see which employees will be due an increase during that month.

Because the majority of step rate increases are based on seniority and the employee’s date of hire – increases can be due for different employees each month.  This can be somewhat of an administrative task, but the template can ensure you are checking and staying on top of the increases that are due:

Template details

This template can be used for up to 4,000 employees in 1 file if needed.  The cells are color-coded for ease of use and the PDF directions also provide more clarity on the different steps to use the template.

When purchased, the template will be emailed to you and it comes personalized with a name or company name of your choice. 

You will receive the Excel spreadsheet, along with PDF directions via email within in 24 hours, but usually within the same day.  

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