Consignment Inventory and Sales Spreadsheet, Consignment Tracking Template, Calculates Your Sales Commissions


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If you consign your items to various venues or galleries, this template will be a huge help in keeping track of your inventory as well as calculating the commissions due when you enter your sales information.

This template was set up to be super-simple to use.  You can enter your inventory on consignment for 1 venue per worksheet, and save as many versions as you need to when you add a new venue or gallery.   As items sell, you simply mark them as sold and the commission is calculated for you.

The grand totals will show your total commissions and sales at the top of the page.

The Sales Summary page will have 2 charts that will summarize everything entered in the first page.  In the first chart, you can select which month you want to display at the top of the chart and then it will list your items that have sold, the sale price and commission per item, as well as the grand totals for that month on the bottom.

The 2nd chart in the sales summary page will list all your items- sold and unsold, with the last column showing the current quantity available of each item.

The Client Report page is a blank page that can be used to send new items to the gallery/venue. After you enter new items in the Account Details page, you could copy and paste the new items into the blank template and save it as a separate file to send to your clients. You will also be able to filter by items that haven’t sold if you wanted to send an updated list to the venue or for your own information.

*Directions will be included on how to filter, update the summary table and the general steps for saving the client report as a separate file.

This template is available in Microsoft Excel (works fine with other versions of excel 2003 & up) and PDF directions.  Open office versions are available upon request.  All templates come personalized with your name or shop name and are for your own use and not to be distributed. You will receive your template via email.

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