Sales and Expenses Excel Template – Importer for Etsy and Paypal Sellers


Do you wonder if you are making a profit each month in your business?  This template was designed to make it easy to see all your numbers.  There is a summary page for each month (1 page per month), and an annual or running total summary page.  The summary is linked to several other worksheets which is where you enter your details.

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If you are looking for a simple, quick way to track your monthly sales and expenses, this template will help you save time with monthly summary pages already set up for you to review.

Don’t waste time entering each sale – directions are included that will show you how to download csv’s from your different accounts, copy and paste that data into the specified tabs of the template.  The summary page will then automatically add up all your sales and fees and break them into the correct summary month.

You can still manually enter sales into this template, however depending on where you sell, there are options to import your sales and fees from: Etsy, PayPal, Amazon Handmade, Stripe and Square!

*Shipping labels vs shipping income – when you purchase shipping labels through etsy or paypal(usps only) etc., this information is automatically added up and compared to the amount of your shipping income you collected, to show your profit or loss on shipping.

*Sales Tax collected – This template will also separate the sales tax collected via etsy and paypal, to give you a total for each month.

Also enter other expenses into several categories-
•Office Supplies
•Cost of Goods Sold
•Packaging Materials
•Shipping Labels
•Other Listing/ Trans Fees
•Education/ Training
•Other Expenses

You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and a PDF with directions, via email.  Templates come personalized with your name and/or shop name.

*This file is not meant to provide tax advice. This template is just a way to summarize your data.

*You do not have permission to distribute or re-sell the template, so please don’t do it.

Most of my templates come with the cells with formulas protected, to prevent someone from deleting or writing over the formulas, which could cause the template to not work as described. If you would like to make changes to the formulas, I can send a version with the formulas unprotected for a small fee here.

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OMG I seriously don�t know what I�d do without this template! This makes my life SO much easier. I am naturally a very disorganized person but this really helps me stay on track so that it�s not a mad dash at the end of the year to get my expenses and profit figures all calculated for taxes! Thanks Erin ??

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