Monthly Profit Template, Monthly Sales Report Excel, Profit Per Item Sold


This template will help you organize all your sales and fees, to give you a nice report on your monthly profit, sales by venue and by product.  The detail page will also include formulas to calculate your profit per item sold.

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After paying for fees and material costs, do you wonder what your profit per item sold is?  Want to see a nice monthly summary of your sales and profit figures?  This template was set up exactly for that and will help you organize your sales data, and calculate the fees and expenses associated with each sale, giving you great insight into your actual profit.


*Summary Page –  This page will summarize all your sales data in 1 page, giving you a nice snapshot of your total sales by month, sales by venue and by product.  The sales by month will also include total transaction fees, credit processing fees and specific listing fee for the items that have sold, to give you each months net profit.

*Easy to use with multiple venues – You can set the venue(s) and associated fees per venue into the Fee Chart page. This will then link with the other pages, so that you will simply select the venue and the fees will calculate on each sale.  You will be able to add up to 14 different venues with different fees.

*For etsy sales, simply enter etsy as the venue and the 3.5% will be added to the fees. Also keep track of the number of times you have renewed an item before it sells and enter that in the specified column, then the file will add up your total listing fees related to that item.

*At the top of the page, totals will calculate for –
•Total Sales & Shipping Income
•Net Profit (Total Sales & Shipping income minus shipping cost, material cost and total fees)
•Total Shipping Income
•Total Shipping Cost
•Total Materials Cost
•Total Fees (includes etsy transaction if used, credit card processing, listing fees)

You will enter all your sales into 1 worksheet and when you enter the date, the month column will automatically populate. The file will hold up to 4,000 sales.

Added Bonus- The file will also include 2 extra pages for tracking overhead expenses. You can enter up to 20 expense categories, which will be added up in an overhead expense summary.

You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and a PDF with directions.

*All templates are for personal use only and come personalized with your name or business name; please do not distribute.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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