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If you are concerned about whether you are charging enough for your handmade items or whether you are making a profit with your handmade business, this pricing worksheet will be essential in determining what you should be charging. I have a few pricing calculators, but this one is the most flexible one, that will allow you to set the percentage margin you want to markup your items with, and the flexibility to add various fees – listing and transaction fees, for up to 10 different venues. Adding these fees into the price of your products could make a big difference to your bottom line.

How it works-

*Enter your Margins – Set your own wholesale and retail markup percentages. To double your cost you would enter 200%, which is a general standard, but you can adjust it more or less depending on your preferences or industry. The percentages you set will apply to all items in the worksheet, but you can save different versions of the file if you want to use different margins for different products.

*Enter your venues and what they charge – You will be able to set 10+ different venues and their associated fees. Whether you sell on consignment at a boutique or on amazon, for each venue you can set both a dollar amount listing fee and a total percentage fee.

*Enter your hourly rate at the top of the page – as you enter the time spent on each item, the cost of your time will be added into the recommended prices.

*Price your items- As you price each item, enter your materials and time to complete. For each item you can select which venue it will sell at, so the venue’s fees are then calculated and added to the cost of the item.

The file will then calculate the Recommended wholesale and retail prices based on-

• The original markup percentages you entered.
• The cost of your time
• Any fees associate with the venue you selected
• Calculate the credit card fees from paypal or etsy (you can select N to not include these fees if you don’t sell through paypal or etsy).

You will be able to price up to 120 individual items and the file is set to print 4 items per page.

NEW upgrade options include:

*COGS (cost of goods sold) worksheet which will list all your finished items and the materials cost (linked from the pricing page), allowing you to mark the quantity sold & then calculating your COGS. Also add the simple inventory worksheet as another page, all in 1 file.

*Price and COGS pages for up to 1,000 items, plus an extra page for entering inventory purchases.

You will receive this template via email; you will not receive a physical copy in the mail. You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and PDF file with directions.

All templates come personalized with your name or shop name, so please let me know if you have a preference. You do not have permission to distribute or re-sell the template, so please don’t do it.

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