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This template was designed to help with tracking the remaining rent balance due, for up to 15 properties.  It is the same great landlord rental income and expenses template, but with some added features to calculate the remaining balance, which carries over to the next month’s remaining balance when not paid.

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This is the same great Landlord Rental Income and Expenses template, but with some added features for calculating your remaining balances, for up to 15 -18 properties.  This is for cases when the rent is not paid in time or not paid in full, and you can keep a running balance of amount due, along with adding in any late fees.

See a sample demonstration of how it works~


*Each property has it’s own page to enter the rental income and expenses, as well as summarize by month and by expense category.

*Ability to easily add or edit the expense categories as needed.

*1 main summary page will show all the properties and their annual rental income and total annual expenses per category.

*1 standard expenses page to easily enter those expenses that are the same every month.  Enter them once and they will populate for all 12 months.


On each property page (all 15 pages), the monthly summary has been updated to include several columns-

  • Monthly Rate – You enter the amount due each month
  • Late Fee and Other Fee columns – Can add the late fee here
  • Remaining Balance – Will subtract the monthly rate and late fee from the actual amount paid that month.  Carries over to the next months remaining balance when not paid.

Updates to main summary page –

  • You can select the ‘remaining balance as of month’ from a drop down list and it will show the remaining balance on all properties, as of the month you choose.  Everything else in the main summary is an annual total.

This template will work with both long term and short term rentals. All cells that contain formulas are protected so that you don’t accidentally write over them. Once you enter your details in the specified places, the cells with formulas will automatically sum up your data. All pages are set to print, however you can also change the print settings.

The basic versions without the updates for remaining balance are available here for 5, 10,15 or 25 properties.

You will receive via email, an Excel spreadsheet Template, along with directions in PDF.

*You do not have permission to distribute or re-sell the template, so please don’t do it.
*All templates come personalized with your name or company name.

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This is a Landlord Perfect Tracker

This tool makes your life soooo easy when it comes tax time well worth the money and great customer service !

G K Pate
Great Tool For Small Landlord

It is a great tool to keep your invoices and rent organized. It comes handy on day before the taxes are due!