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This inventory system was created specifically for the handmade maker and seller.  The great thing about this system is that several of my templates that were previously stand alone are now linked together, saving you time and keeping you on top of your inventory and pricing needs. 

Once you mark an item as made and/or sold, your inventory will automatically update by removing the raw materials that were used in that item.  The template is set up so you can price and track up to 1,000 finished products, and up to 100,000 raw materials.

See a demonstration of this template in use:

This excel template consists of several worksheets in 1 file.

Inventory purchase page

A place to enter all you raw materials purchased

Product Pricing Page

A place to price all your finished items.  This will include listing out the raw materials used in your finished items and entering the time you invest.  You can enter your hourly rate at the top and it will calculate the cost of your time spent on each item, into the recommended retail price.

Summary of Finished Inventory & COGS Page

This page will automatically populate a row for each finished item that has been priced in the previous spreadsheet. You’ll enter the # made and # sold next to the Item Name & Item ID. You will be able to search for your Items by name or ID using the filters function (directions are included).

Raw Materials Inventory Page

Everything in this page will calculate automatically based on the other worksheets (after clicking a refresh button when new data is entered). As your raw materials are used up in projects, the total materials available will be updated, helping you keep track of when you’re running low on a particular supply. The last 2 columns will calculate the price of all materials that are unsold (whether they have been used in a finished product and unsold or not).

Template Details

All of my templates come with detailed directions with pictures and are designed to be easy to use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

The spreadsheets are designed in MS Excel.  You will need Excel 2007 or newer to use this particular template, although I have other templates that will work with excel 2003.  You can purchase the individual templates (not linked together) and those are compatible with earlier versions of excel and Open Office.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great template

This is a great template! My only gripe is that due to having locked formulas, inventory purchased cannot be sorted in alphabetical order. Maybe there is a way to keep formula locked but still allow it to move cells? I don't know, not that great with the intricacies of excel. Regardless, great purchase!

Kasandra Salembier
A little hard to understand some part

It’s hard to understand certain column. And I thought of some column that should had been added.