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Managing Employees Time off is a breeze

Maximize your workforce management and ensure your team’s time off is tracked accurately and easily, with our Employee PTO and Vacation Tracking Excel Template. This user-friendly, customizable spreadsheet is the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their employee time off requests.

With a few simple steps, you can keep track of holidays, weekends and requests for paid time off – or other types of time off. Everything can be customized in the key, where you can list and label your time-off types and specific holidays:

How it works ~

You’ll be able to enter the time off requests as they come up and everything is tied to the employee ID.  In the key you can identify which time off types should be tracked against an annual total.

For example, if your employee has 3 weeks of Paid Time off per year, which includes vacation and floating holiday time types, you would want to track both time types, so that you can see the remaining balances of time off available:

The template is set up to be extremely flexible and you can even flag half days taken, for accuracy. 

There are also several reports / tabs included:
  1. Monthly Time off report – this page will list each day of the month across the top and show the employees that are schedule to take time off during that month.

  2. Employee Annual report – this page will let you select an employee and then view all of their time off by month and type.  Plus it will list total days taken and balance remaining.

The Employee PTO and Vacation Tracking Excel Template empowers your business to create a more organized and efficient time off management process. Make better use of your resources and prioritize the well-being of your employees with a streamlined, user-friendly, and fully customizable solution.


Purchases are sent via email and will arrive in your inbox, with a customized personalization at the top of the template (based on your entry at checkout), along with detailed PDF directions to guide you through the template. 

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