• Property Manager's Template, Managing Rental Property
  • Property Manager's Template, Managing Rental Property
  • Property Manager's Template, Managing Rental Property
  • Property Manager's Template, Managing Rental Property
  • Property Manager's Template, Managing Rental Property

Property Manager Tools, Property Management


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This template was designed for someone who manages rental properties for another owner, and will help to break down the rent due to the manager and due to the owner, as well as dividing up who is responsible for which expenses.  This is set up to track up to 20 properties.


Set up – There will be a page where you can enter the percentage splits agreed on between the manager and owner, for each property.  This will link into the other pages.  You will also be able to change any of the expense categories in this set up page.

After you have that information set up, you will enter most of the details in the below 2 pages-

Revenue page – This is where you’ll enter the rental income received for all properties.  When you select the property name and total amount paid, the file will split the amount due to manager and owner, based on the percentages you entered in the first page. If you charge fees that the renters pay to you but are not split with the owner, you will be able to enter these as well.

At the top of the page, several totals will be summed up-

  • Owner and Manager revenue – YTD totals
  • Rent Being Held – this is for when rent is paid prior to the move in date. The rent will not appear as income in the summaries until the move in month.

Expenses page – Here you will enter the expenses, assign them to an expense category, select the property name, if the expense is an owner or manager responsibility, date paid and amount. The top of the page will have grand totals for expenses for manager and owner.

Owner Summary –
The owner’s summary will summarize data from the revenue and expenses pages to give a nice snapshot of each month/property that you have selected. All that you will have to do is click a Refresh All button anytime new data is added into the revenue or expenses pages. You will then be able to select the month and property name by using the filters in the table (directions are included).

The top of the summary will show the total revenue due to the owner, total expenses and total revenue minus expenses (total due) for the month selected.

Manager’s Summary – This page consists of 2 charts that will show the total revenue, expenses and net profit by Month and per Property.

You will receive via email an Excel Spreadsheet and directions in PDF.  You do not have permission to distribute or re-sell the template, so please don’t do it.  All templates come personalized with your name or company name. Please let me know if you have a preferred name to use at checkout.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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