Checkbook Register Spreadsheet, Check Register Template Excel


Easily balance your checkbook register with the use of this excel template.


Looking for a simple and straight-forward way to balance your checkbook register? This easy template already has all the formulas set up for you, simply enter your information to stay on track.

The check register template works very similar to a traditional checkbook register, however it is split into 2 sections – 1 section to enter all your payment or debits, and another section to enter all deposits or credits. Everything can be entered as a positive number (no entering negative – signs), the template knows to deduct if the amount is entered in the payment/debit section.

A current balance with display at the top of the page and will update anytime you add new information. The totals for the payments/debits and deposits/credits section will also display at the top of the page.

One of the benefits of using this template is you won’t have to remember to enter your debits/payments with a negative sign. All amounts that you enter should be positive numbers, as long as you remember to put debits/payments on the left section and credits/deposits in the right section.

You’ll be able to save different versions of the file, if you prefer to start a fresh file every month or year. The file is ready and set to print. If you prefer to just use the file to print and write in, you could also balance by hand.

The template is designed in an MS Excel spreadsheet, but can be compatible with Open Office. The file can also be sent as a PDF upon request. You will receive the Excel version as an instant downloadable link after you purchase. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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