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You sell your handmade items, but how do you know if you are charging enough to make a profit?  You have many items for sale, but how can you evaluate which items are bringing in the best profits and focus your efforts on those?  Look no further then this handy pricing template.

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Take the guess work out of pricing your handmade items.  Not only can you easily track what you should be charging for your products, but you can also have this template add in the Etsy and PayPal fees, into the recommended price of each product. These fees are the costs of doing business and although they might seem small, it can make a big difference to your bottom line over time.

See a demonstration of the template in use AND one of the upgrade options:

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This pricing spreadsheet is color coded to be easy to use: Green is where you enter you data and the grey columns will automatically calculate. You will be able to price up to 120 individual items and the file is set to print 4 items per page.

How does the formula work? The spreadsheet will calculate a traditional/ simple wholesale price and a recommended retail price. The recommended retail price (plus shipping) will then be used to calculate the various fees, which will be added in at a flat rate into the Recommended Retail including Fees. The last cell ‘Final Price’ will be for you to decide based on the recommendation and any market research or rounding you wish to do.

Simply enter your information –
– An Hourly rate – you will only enter 1 hourly rate, but you can change it at any time
– If you have a standard shipping rate you charge, you will enter this once. (Actual shipping is NOT included in pricing, but is included in estimating certain fees).

– For each item you price you will enter this information-
*Material used (up to 10 different materials)
*Price of Material
*Amount of Material
*Time to make
*Make adjustments to shipping charges

Upgrade options to select at checkout-

*Pricing Template and Cost of Goods Sold template, linked worksheets- for 100 or 1,000 items
*Price up to 1,000 items in one file.

*Raw Materials Inventory system – including pricing and COGS pages for 1,000 items and tracks the raw materials inventory that goes into each item.

You will receive via email the Excel Spreadsheet and PDF file (directions).  All templates come personalized with your name or business name. You do not have permission to distribute or re-sell the template, so please don’t do it.

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