Prayer Template for your War Room, Printable Prayer Journal – Instant Download


If you are looking to have a stronger and more consistent prayer life, this template will help you set up a strategy that will be easy to use. Several pages are included and can be printed as many times as needed to be placed in a binder.


*Not a new template, but goes well with the 20/20 Vision Collection!  Understanding what your data is trying to tell you, and making plans for the year ahead is great, but for the rest of the unknowns – a Prayer Template could help!

This prayer template was inspired by the movie War Room and bible study Armor of God (by Priscilla Shirer). If you are needing some motivation these are great resources. In the movie War Room, the main character went through a transformation when she started praying in her ‘War Room’, which was a designated room (closet) in her home. I really wanted to find a place in my home to keep as my ‘war room’, but after debating where in my home I could do this and if I could lose closet space, I decided on something more practical – a prayer binder – which could be carried to any room, while the kids are playing, etc.

This prayer template contains several pages and sections which can be printed out and placed in a prayer binder. Bring organization to your prayer life, track your answered prayers and if you find something that inspires your walk with God, write in down.

You will receive 2 versions –
•An excel spreadsheet version that will link what you enter in the prayer strategy section to the Monday-Sunday section which will have 1 page for each day of the week.
•A PDF version you can print and fill out (only difference is no links between the prayer strategy and Monday-Sunday pages).

There are 5 sections/sheets within the template-

1st Section – Your Prayer Strategy – This section is a chart that lists each day of the week and a ‘theme’ you can choose for each day. This makes it so much easier for me to remember, if it’s a Monday, I can be reminded about a certain group of people I want to pray for or a certain topic, etc. You can change any of the headers in this one, if you want to use a theme that coincides with a current study you are doing.

2nd Section – Monday – Sunday – This tab will have a page for each day of the week. If you use the Excel version, the themes you enter in the prayer strategy page will auto populate into the specified weekly page. There is also a section at the top of each day to write a bible verse.

3rd Section – Praying with Verses – This page has 3 sections to enter 3 different bible verses and prayers associated with those verses. You could go about this by finding the bible verse first and adding a prayer to go with it, or if you have a specific prayer request and then find a bible verse that supports it.

4th Section – Answered Prayers – Keeping track of the prayers that get answered is a great reminder to be thankful. There is a place to list the date and what was answered and/or what you are thankful for. I also realized since doing this that there are many small, subtle ways that God has answered my prayers in ways I might not be expecting or even notice if I’m not paying attention!

5th Section – Sermon- Bible Study notes – If something stands out or speaks to you- write it down so you can keep track of it. Something about writing things down helps things to stick and it will be nice to go back and reference it.

You can print as many of these pages as needed and/or add them into a binder with dividers for each section. This is an instant download that you will receive after purchase. You will receive 2 copies – an Excel file with links (The Mon-Sunday section will link to what is entered in your Strategy section) and a PDF version that does not link together, but can be printed.

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