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Understand what Overtime is costing your company, with this easy to use template to summarize your overtime data.

If you work in HR or Compensation, your company may want to know how much overtime is costing them, how often overtime is occurring, and an overall analysis of which departments, managers or jobs are clocking in the most overtime.

This spreadsheet template can help identify the trends related to what areas in your organization are seeing the most overtime:

How it works ~

This excel template has been designed to make it easy for you to paste in your raw data and click a refresh button, and automatically generate several key reports that will help in an overtime analysis review.

See an example demonstration of the Overtime template:

What information you'll need to use this ~

You will need to have your organizations pay data, listed out by employee ID.  The file will work with 2 types of overtime reports:

*If your Overtime report lists out 1 overtime total paid, per employee ID.

*If your Overtime report lists out each overtime amount paid, with multiple rows per employee ID.

In the case that you have multiple rows per employee ID and various overtime amounts, the file will summarize the total amount per employee ID for you.  

Customize the Percentage of Overtime Ranges

In this report, you’ll be able to set the break down you’d like to see of Overtime as a percentage of base pay.  This can show you counts of how many employees are getting 10-20% overtime, 20-30% overtime, etc.   You can also edit this as you go. 

For example, if you find the majority of employees are receiving overtime between 0% – 10% of the base pay, you can change the range to review the counts of those receiving between 0-5% and 5% – 10%. 

Also included are several summaries, that will show the total overtime earnings per Job Title, Department, Functional Area or Region, and Team or Manager.  This is a great way to view overtime trends inside the organization and see what departments or areas may need to be reviewed further.

There are 2 pages with these overtime summaries – the first looks at the total overtime as a dollar amount paid, the second looks at the total overtime as a percentage of the employees base pay. 

You will receive an Excel spreadsheet, along with PDF directions on how to use the template, via email.

Each purchase comes personalized with the company name of your choice.  All templates are to be used by the company bought for only and are not to be distributed outside the organization.

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