Simple Sales Summary Template Excel


Track all of your sales in this simple and easy to use sales summary template.

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This simple sales summary template was designed to help you keep track of your sales each month and will also summarize your total sales per month, venue and per product.  You can enter up to 4,000 sales in this file.

There are several great features about this template:

*Transaction and Credit Processing Fees – You can set up the amount of transaction and/or credit card processing fees.  When you select the payment type, the formulas are set up to pull in /link to the correct fees. If you sell outside of etsy, you’ll be able to edit the table and add other credit card processing types with different percentages or flat rates (as seen in the last photo).

*The top of the sales details page will also include grand totals for:
•Total Sales
•Total Orders (Items)
•Total Etsy Transaction Fees (if applicable)
•Total Credit Card Processing Fees
•Total Shipping Income
•Total Shipping cost

You will enter all your sales into 1 worksheet and when you enter the date, the month column will automatically populate.

UPGRADE OPTIONS – Also track your overhead expenses, with an extra expenses tracking summary page in the same file with your sales tracking.

Each page is already set to print.

You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and a PDF with directions via email.  Open office versions are available upon request.

*All templates are for personal use only; please do not distribute.

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