Mileage Log, Tracking Mileage


Keep track of your mileage with this template, so you can claim it as a deduction!


Your mileage can be a great tax write-off!  But you have to track it in order to claim the deduction, so print this mileage tracking template, place it in your car and try your best to remember to write it down anytime you are driving for business.  You can also enter your miles into the spreadsheet and it will add up the totals for you.

You will receive an excel spreadsheet with 2 different pages –

•1st page – will have formulas in the grey columns that will add up the total miles per trip.
•2nd page – will not have any formulas, in case you prefer to print and add them up yourself.

You can use both pages and later transfer your mileage numbers into the spreadsheet that has the formulas.

*If you don’t have excel or open office, this template can be made into a PDF file upon request. You can print it as a PDF, but the formulas won’t work in the pdf format.

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