License for use with Clients for HR Consulting


Do you work in human resources and want to use your template for multiple businesses or clients? If you would like to use your HR templates as part of your service to your clients, this license will get you the unlocked versions of the templates.


If you work in human resources this license allows you to use these templates for the purpose of providing a service to your clients.

Templates with the HR Consulting License can be used as part of a bundled package of services you provide to your clients, however you cannot re-brand and re-sell the templates by themselves, as your own.

You must contractually have your clients sign that the templates and/or documents you have produced for them are proprietary and cannot be sold, copied or re-used by anyone other than your clients’ employees.  I also recommend saving a summary page as a PDF when sending a client their information, that way it will be uneditable by them and they won’t have access to the unlocked version of the template.

By purchasing this license, you will receive the unlocked versions of the template of your choice, and agree to the terms and conditions of use outlined below.

This license applies to a single template, which must be purchased separately.

What is allowed:

*Template changes – You receive the unlocked version so that you are able to make edits

*Unlimited use – You may use a single template for your own clients

*Bundled Package of Services – The template may be used as part of a bundled package of services you provide

*Credit Free – You do not have to disclose to your clients that you are using the templates from Time Saving Templates (however credit is appreciated).

What is not allowed:

*Re-branding/selling – These templates are the property of Time Saving Templates & you may not claim them as your own

*Single Product Service – You may not charge for the templates when it’s the only service you provide. It must be bundled with a package of other services.  If you aren’t selling services directly related to the template, then you cannot sell just the template.

*Standalone Product – Use of excel templates to create your own standalone product for sale.

*Claiming the excel template as your own – This license does not transfer copyright or ownership of the item.  Although you do not have to reference that the template came from Time Saving Templates, the credit is appreciated.  Terms of use and conditions still apply.

Note that ALL of my templates:

*Are sent via email.

*Are designed in Microsoft Excel, so you will need Excel on your computer to use these templates.  You can save summary pages as PDF’s for use with clients who don’t have Excel.

To see all Human Resources Templates Click Here

Thanks for your interest in the templates!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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