Investment Property Analysis Worksheet, Rental Property ROI Calculator


This template will help with comparing different rental property investments, before deciding to purchase.

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This template was created to help in deciding between different rental investment opportunities, to help estimate what would be a good property to invest in. Simply plug in your numbers and estimates and the formulas will calculate several key indicators of return on investment, giving you better insight for making the right decisions for your situation.

The file is set up to be simple to use –
•Green cells – where you enter your data, such as the property value
•Grey cells – these contain formulas that will calculate based on the data entered in the green cells

After filling out your information in the green cells, some of which will be rough estimates, the file will calculate –
•Max Annual income
•Annual income with a vacancy estimate
•Estimated Maintenance and capital expenditures
•Operating Expenses and Net Operating Income
•Capitalization Rate
•Cash Flow and Cash on Cash return
•Wealth accumulation or profit
•Total Cash return
•Depreciation estimates
•Income Tax estimate
•Total Income and Total Return

A lot of these calculations will only be as accurate as the information you enter, so some things may require more research on your part to get an accurate estimate. Everything entered and calculated in the file is based on an annual calendar year.

You will receive an Excel spreadsheet, along with PDF directions via email. Open office versions are available upon request.

*You do not have permission to distribute or re-sell the template, so please don’t do it.
*All templates come personalized with your name or company name, so please let me know if you have a preference.

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