Inventory Tracker Excel, Inventory System for Small Business


Whether you are tracking raw materials or items you purchase and re-sell, this template is a simple and easy way to keep track of when you are running low on your items/ materials.  This is ideal for someone who buys in large quantities, and then sells or uses the materials in smaller quantities, so you can keep track of when the items need to be reordered.

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This inventory tracker is a basic excel template that is versatile to meet your inventory tracking needs.  The template consists of 2 pages that are linked together, saving you time in data entry and calculating the amount of materials left after you have entered the items as used up or sold.


ENTERING YOUR DATA – The inventory detail page is 1 page where you will enter all your data- both purchases and when items are used.  You will simply select on each row the action – “Purchased” or “Used in Project” – which could be same as sold if you are re-selling, etc.  Enter the quantities in the specified columns.

REVIEW INVENTORY SUMMARY – This page will automatically tally up the amount available or used up in projects for each item listed.  Any materials that get down to 3 items left will be flagged as ‘Running Low’, so you can easily plan what to order next.  Any time new data is added in the first page, you will just have to click a refresh button to get the summary to include the new data, but directions are included.

The worksheet is ready to print.

*For the summary table to update accurately, the name/label you use for a material/ item purchased needs to match exactly to the name/label you enter for materials used in project.

Categories – You have the option to group your materials in any categories you find helpful. After entering the category in the inventory detail worksheet, the Summary page will update and sort your materials by their categories.

You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and a PDF file with directions via email.

*You do not have permission to distribute or re-sell the template, so please don’t do it.

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