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If you are undecided on whether to get the Raw Materials inventory system or the basic seller success package, now you can get both and several other templates, in this package that has everything you will need to run and get your handmade business organized.


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This package includes 8 templates for someone who wants all the best tools to organize everything in their handmade business. This includes several of my most popular items-

The Raw materials inventory system – This contains 3 templates in 1 file, all linked together. Made for high volume sellers, it can handle up to 1,000 finished items and track up to 100,000 raw materials. This system includes a Pricing Template and COGS sheet, for up to 1,000 items. The raw materials inventory, pricing worksheet and cogs page are all linked together, saving you a ton of time and effort and keeping track of when your raw materials are running low, just by entering the sales of your finished items.  *This comes in 2 versions – the original works with 10 raw materials per item, and an upgraded version comes with 20 raw materials per item.

The monthly sales and expenses template – this is a comprehensive template to track everything in your business and then view the monthly and annual profit totals. There are several pages in this template that are all linked to the main summary page, including a page to enter sales, expenses, and several pages where you can import sales/fees from your selling venues via csv (directions included).  There is a 1 page summary for every month and an annual/running total summary as well.

The sales and expenses worksheet comes in 3 options, based on what venue(s) you want to import your data from.  You will be able to manually enter sales that occur in any of the versions, but to make it easier (and less data entry), you can download a csv from your venue or payment processor, copy and paste that into the specified place in the template, and the summary will add up your totals.  Directions on how to do this with each venue are included, with the different options here:

*Etsy- Paypal Edition – Ability to import your Etsy and Paypal sales and fees.

*Website Sellers Edition – Ability to import your Stripe, Square and Paypal sales and fees.

*All Venues Edition – Ability to import your Amazon Handmade, Etsy, Paypal, Stripe and Square sales and fees.

The summary pages will also include expense category totals for –

•Packaging Materials
•Shipping labels bought through etsy, paypal or amazon (via csv upload/importer)
•Shipping labels – other – you can manually enter them too
•Education / Training
•Etsy listing and transaction fees (via csv upload/importer)
•Etsy Direct checkout/paypal processing fees (via csv upload/importer)

•Transaction fees Amazon (via csv upload/importer)
•Cost of Goods Sold
•Office Supplies
•Other Listing/ Transaction fees – you can enter these in expenses page
•Other Expenses

Plus these favorite templates are included as well:

•Mileage tracker – print and keep in your car for business trips and excursions – it’s tax deductible!
Overhead expenses template – up to 21 expense categories- you customize/choose the categories
•Timesheet – to track what you are spending your time on.
•Sale Receipts (and donation)

Overall this package includes 8 templates, bought separately would be over $110-140+, but with the package deal you can get these upgrades between $80-120.  You will receive your excel templates via email.

All of the templates come with detailed directions with pictures and are designed to be easy to use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

The spreadsheets are designed in MS Excel.  You will need Excel 2007 or newer to use this particular template, although I have other templates that will work with excel 2003.  You can purchase the individual templates (not linked together) and those are compatible with earlier versions of excel and Open Office.

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