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Etsy recently announced some changes in the summer of 2018, which are going to affect how 2 of the seller spreadsheets work.  If you’ve bought either the Pricing Template for Etsy sellers or the Sales and Expenses Template (Etsy seller version), you might want to get the newer versions when they are updated to match Etsy’s changes.

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This listing is to get an updated version of a template you previously bought.  Usually there aren’t many updates, however Etsy is making some big changes that also affect how a couple of the templates work.

The 2 templates affected by Etsy changes are:

*Pricing template with Etsy fees

*Sales and Expenses Tracking Template (Etsy seller version)

Both of these templates are sold individually and in several packages, such as the Basic Seller package, and the Best seller template package.  There are also several versions of each template, depending on which upgrade options you went with.

For the fastest response, please include the email address used to send the original template to.  That helps me double check which version/package you previously bought so I can send you the correct one!

If you want to upgrade your template/package, contact me for a coupon code at  I will verify your previous purchase and give you a credit/coupon code towards the upgraded package.  For example – if you previously bought the pricing template, but you want to get the updated price template AND the other templates in the Basic Seller package – I’ll give you credit for your previous purchase to go towards the upgrade.

What changed?

*Pricing Template – The Price Template for Etsy sellers has the Etsy fees being added into the retail price of your products, so I’ve already updated the main file to reflect 5% instead of 3.5%.

You’ll see 2 options for updating the price template:

1.) Updated new copy – $8 – I’ll send you a new copy of the updated template

2.) Update your existing copy – $15 – You can send me your file, and I’ll update it for you.  That way you don’t have to re-enter all you products into a blank worksheet.

*Sales and Expenses template – No updates have been made yet, but I’m anticipating that once Etsy changes how you are billed, this will affect the Etsy csv’s the template uses to import your sales and fees.  I’m keeping an eye on when these changes will take affect and will update here once the file is updated.

Now’s a good time to go with an upgrade!  You can get credit for your previous purchase to go towards one of these upgrades:

*Upgrading to one of these packages will get you the updated template and several other templates to get organized with: Basic Seller Success package and BEST Handmade Seller worksheets.

*Upgrade options for the pricing template include a 100 or 1,000 item version, a linked COGS page or a complete inventory system you can find here, that is linked to your pricing and cogs pages.

*Upgrade options for the Sales and Expenses template include annual or monthly reports, as well as if you sell through PayPal, Amazon, Stripe and/or Square.

You’ll also see an option to check if you want the version with editable formulas.  Most of my templates will come with the cells with formulas protected, to prevent someone from deleting or writing over the formulas, which could cause the template to not work as described.  If you would like to make changes to the formulas, I can send the unprotected version for this small fee. The only cells that remain protected are the name or business name of your choice and/or sometimes my website/copyright info at the bottom.  You can find out more information about the unprotected versions here.

**If you bought the template during 2018, contact me for a complimentary updated version**

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to get a shop credit/coupon code for your previous purchase at

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