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The Gender Pay Gap Analysis template is going to provide valuable insight to the health of your organizations annual merit increase program.

Here’s a demonstration video on how to use this template:

This excel template is set up to make it quick and easy for you to get a breakdown of the total increases per department, job title and gender.  These include charts and graphics to visually represent average increase information, budgeted vs actual increases, etc.

How it works ~

You will need to copy and paste your companies most recent increases into the template, and you have 2 options for doing so:

1.) Go with the Merit Increase template upgrade – If you haven’t administered the merit increases yet, this file will help calculate recommended increases based on performance ratings and salary band compa-ratios, along with an increase matrix that you can set.  The merit increase template is also sold separately here.  When you purchase it with the gender or department analysis pages, you can get it at a packaged discount.

2.) If you already had your merit increases implemented, you can go with the basic version, which will have just these columns that need to be pasted into the template:

*Employee ID, Name, Gender, Previous Salary, Actual Increase Percentage, New Salary, Department and Job Title (if you are doing the Job title analysis), and eligibility if you are tracking those eligible vs not eligible. 

After the data is in the template, there are multiple pages of charts that are already set to link to your information.  All that you’ll have to do is assign which Departments and Job Titles you want to summarize, by adding them to column A in the corresponding pages (directions are also included):

As you scroll right in the Department and Job Summary pages, you will also see the breakdown of increases by male and female:

You’ll also notice in the above image, that there are 2 columns that will give a count of increases over 10% or over 100,000.  These can be updated to any percentage or amount you would like to see summarized. 

The Gender Analysis will also look at totals per job title (or job groupings if that’s how you enter them in the template), for up to 10 different jobs. 

You will also be able to enter the merit increase budget as a percentage, and it will calculate that budget per department and job, based on the previous base salary and budgeted percentage.  However you can override the calculated budget if you have another amount. 

Upgrade option:  Add a similar summary page and charts specific to employees within the same job titles (or could be job groupings if you name them that way).  This upgrade will include a summary across 10 jobs at a time, with 2 sets of charts for 20 total job comparisons:

The formulas are set to be used for up to 2500 employees, however if you need more in the file I can add more options as requested.

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Each template comes personalized with the company name of your choice.  All templates are to be used for 1 company only and are not to be distributed outside the organization.

Custom Changes – I would love to help customize a spreadsheet for your specific situation!  My background is in Compensation/HR – with about 7 years compensation experience.  I’d love to put my CCP (certified compensation professional) and PHR certifications to good use.  See more information on custom orders here. 

You will receive an Excel spreadsheet, along with PDF directions via email, usually within the same day, but sometimes up to 24 hours. 

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