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Do you have a broken link or jumbled formula after using your excel template?  It can happen to the best of us!  If you are using a template you previously bought from Time Saving Templates, send me your template and I will make corrections to any formulas or links that have gone haywire.


Sometimes things go haywire, especially when you are making changes and edits to a spreadsheet.  If something goes wrong with the template you purchased, maybe a formula gets jumbled, I will be happy to review it and make corrections.

I will review your template vs. the original that was sent to you, and if the original version is still correct, then this fee would apply for me to make the corrections to your version.  You can email your spreadsheet template to before or after you purchase this listing.  I will review and make the corrections, and after payment is received will email the template back to you.

A couple things to note:

  • This listing only works for templates you have bought at time saving templates, and does not include extensive customizations that you may have been trying to make, just the original formulas that were intact when the template was emailed to you.
  • You must be using MS Excel, we are not able to provide support for GoogleSheets or Open Office changes due to compatibility issues.
  • This is a base price for correcting your template, depending on the extent of changes, there may be an additional charge.  This fee covers about 1-2 formulas or links that have gone haywire, so if you have more issues than that, it could increase the price to correct it.

If you are trying to make customizations and having trouble with that part of it, here are a couple options:

Most of my templates come with protections on the formulas, to prevent someone accidentally deleting or writing over a formula (which can cause the template to not work as described), but if you want to make changes to the formulas, you can upgrade to the unprotected version of the template.

Tips for not getting your worksheet formulas jumbled-

*If you need to delete something, highlight and click the delete key.  Do NOT right click and delete a few cells, and select to shift the other cells up or down.

*Sometimes if you are copy and pasting a cell from a protected worksheet into a template, it stays protected in the template… even if the protections weren’t activated in the original source- That might sound confusing but here’s what you need to do:

If you are copying from a different source to paste into the template:

  • highlight your data in original source
  • right click- select Format Cells
  • A box appears – click on the ‘protections’ tab
  • make sure the ‘Locked’ box is unchecked

Hope this helps!

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