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This system was developed for someone managing finished items inventory and tracking sales. This can be used by someone who is selling handmade items (or not), but will not track the raw materials going into the finished items, just the actual finished items being sold.

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Track Your Finished Items Inventory & Sales

If you are looking for a system to help with tracking your finished items inventory and sales, this template is set up to help with both.

This template can be used by anyone who is in direct sales, or looking to track their inventory. The file will work with up to 10,000 sales.

Several pages of the worksheet are linked together, to save you time with data entry and to update your inventory after a sale is entered.

Inventory Tracking

There is a page to enter your items, item ID’s or SKU’s, and assign each item to a venue. 

If you have the same items at different venues, they will need a slightly different item ID. For example 12B for an item at a boutique and 12E for the same item on Etsy. 

As you replenish your inventory for the same items, you will just keep adding a cumulative number to the quantity in the same row. The Inventory page is set up for 1 row per unique item/venue.

After you’ve entered your sales data, you can go back into the inventory page to see which items you are sold out of or running low on, as the inventory available will continue to update based on your sales.


Finished Inventory and Sales Summary Spreadsheet - Multi Venue Fee Tracking

Fee Tracking

You will be able to add up to 15 different venues and their associate fees, as a percentage and/or a flat rate of your sales.

Sales Tracking

This page will link to the inventory page and your fee page, so when you enter the Item ID/SKU of something that sold, several columns will automatically populate (see grey columns) based on what you’ve already entered. 

Just fill out the final sale price, quantity sold and shipping income. You will also be able to add sales tax. 

The last column will show your net profit – Your order total minus total fees and shipping costs. 

Several totals are tracked at the top of the page, including Total Sales, Total Sales Tax collected, Total shipping Income, Total Shipping Cost, Total Fees and Total Profit.

Finished Inventory and Sales Summary Spreadsheet - Multi Venue Fee Tracking

Sales Summary

The summary page will summarize all your sales data to give you a nice snapshot of your total sales by month, sales by venue and by product. See 1st slide.

Upgrade Option: Overhead Expense and Profit Summary

In the upgraded version, the overhead expenses template is added in so you can also track expenses that don’t apply to any specific product.  The sales summary will have extra columns to list out total sales, expenses and profit per month:

Easily add up to 20 of your own expense categories to the overhead expenses page, and the categories will automatically appear in the drop down lists and get summarized:

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Each page is already set to print.

You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and a PDF with directions, an open office version of the template is available upon request.

*All templates are for your use only, and will come personalized with your name or business name. Please do not distribute.

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Erin is beyond helpful and her customer service is 10 stars. I ordered the wrong template and she went back and forth with a million times until we found the right one.