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Do you need a customized worksheet that is specific to your unique situation?  Streamlining excel spreadsheets to overcome challenges and save you time is my specialty.   Having worked on over 100 custom orders, I can quickly identify the best way to make excel spreadsheets work for you and your organization.


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This listing is to provide more information on the custom order process specific for HR and compensation related requests.

After reviewing the details, contact me here so we can review a more accurate quote and confirm that I have availability to work on this.  Only serious inquiries please.

My goal with every custom order is to fully understand your unique situation, challenges, reporting needs and preferences when it comes to using excel worksheets.  I can then work backwards to design a custom template that fits your style and makes it easy and time effective to use it.

For HR and compensation custom orders, the scope and complexity can vary a lot, based on organization size, if the reporting is in multiple currencies and other factors that I’ll need to review to get you an accurate quote for the changes.

With my background working in corporate compensation for 7+ years and CCP and PHR certifications, you are getting more than just a spreadsheet – I understand compensation challenges and issues you face and look for ways to streamline this in a spreadsheet.  My hope is that when you invest in a customized template, you will get a comprehensive solution that will be saving you time long after our project is completed.

If you aren’t sure if you need a custom template, because I may already have something similar, see this section for all HR/compensation templates currently available here.

This is a base price, however feel free to contact me with what you are looking for and I will let you know if everything can be completed within this price.  Depending on the complexity of the customizations it could end up costing more, however I won’t get started on the changes until we have agreed on the final price range.


For customizations to an existing template that is listed here at Time Saving Templates, the base price is $299.

For customizations that involve designing a new spreadsheet from scratch, the base price is $499.  Even if it uses an existing template to start with, if there are significant changes and customizations it could fall under this category.

These are base prices, however feel free to contact me with what you are looking for and I will review for a more accurate quote.  After an estimated amount is agreed upon, usually a deposit of $98 will be due, and the remaining balance will be invoiced after the file is completed.

Additional fees~

*Is this a rushed order?  At any given time, I could have several custom orders to work on.  I prioritize based on who asked first and paid deposit first, however if you would like to skip to the front in priority, you can do so with a $98 fee and/or paying the entire custom fee up front.

*Other additional fees – After reviewing your requested changes, I’ll give an estimate or quote for the entire project.  When additional features are added that weren’t in the original request, there are likely to be additional fees.

Note that ALL of my templates:

*Are sent via email.

*Are designed in Microsoft Excel, so you will need Excel on your computer to use these templates.

*They come with protections on the formulas and customized with the name and/or business name of your choice.  The formulas are protected so that they don’t get accidentally deleted, which could cause the template to not work as described.  If you would like to make changes to formulas, I can send an unprotected version, but I do keep the name/business name cell protected.

Other options you might consider:

1.) I can add your template idea to my next product collection. This is a great option if you don’t need the template asap and can wait until my next collection release.

My goal is to release a new product line (10 templates) every 3-4 months, so please send me your ideas & I will try my best to add them in!

You can also sign up for my email list to be notified when the new templates are available:

Thanks for your interest in a custom worksheet.

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