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This excel template package is specifically designed for managing events, such as Vendor Open houses, Craft Shows, etc, where you are managing different vendors, who pay to participate in the event.

This package contains several sections that will help you best track everything in 1 file, and the different pages are linked together to save you time with data entry. 

1st section:  Income and Profit per Event Tracking

With each event occurring on a specific date, this page gives a place to add totals for each event, including hours and time invested in preparation, costs associated with supplying each vendor with any needed materials, as well as the income per vendor. 

The file is set up to be easy to use – with the green cells where you would enter your information, and the grey cells containing formulas to calculate different amounts:

2nd Section:  Overhead Expenses Tracking

The Business Expenses tracking template is a great way to track all the other expenses involved in running multiple events.  It’s set up to easily track any expense categories you want to – you enter the categories in column A, then they will automatically get added as options in the drop down list for you to enter the details. 

The expenses get summarized in the orange section above, as well as in the Sales and Expenses page below.  This page will combine income and expenses entered in the first page, along with overall expenses, to get a total profit per month:

3rd Section: Event Attendance Tracking

If tracking attendance at your events is important, these next few pages will be a great way to track and view the data in a couple of charts.  

This could be used for tracking the Vendors that particpate in the event, such as people who buy booths at your craft shows.  Or it could be used to track customer attendance at your events. 

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You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and a PDF with directions, via email.  Templates come personalized with your name and/or shop name.

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Denita G.

So useful! If you purchase the license you can edit the sheet as needed. It was worth the purchase to not have to start from stratch!

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