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Have you started working a spreadsheet, but got stuck on how to apply the formulas or set it up?  I’d love to look at what you’re trying to do and offer my advice on which formulas to use and how to set it up.


If you are stuck in the middle between trying to make your own changes and customizations to a spreadsheet or excel template vs. having someone create a completely custom template for you, this option might be a good way to speed along the process.  I would love to review the changes you want to make and provide insight into the formulas and set up that I would use.

This listing is not for me to make the customizations, unless it is something I can finish in 30 minutes or less.  If you want a worksheet that is completely done for you, see the custom order options here.

I wanted to provide a way to help those who are DIY-ing it and cannot afford the completely custom/done for you options.  I will review your situation and provide you the formulas that I would use and how I would set things up, however depending on how complex or how many formulas are needed, I won’t be able to finish everything or set up all the formulas, but I will do as much as I can within 30 minutes and at least provide you with the names of the formulas needed.  Depending on the complexity of what you are trying to do, you still might need to do some research on how to apply the formulas to your specific worksheet.

How it works ~  Just let me know what you are looking to do and I will review it.

  • If you already have a spreadsheet started, you can send that to me and I will add in the changes directly to your worksheet.
  • If you don’t have anything started yet, I will review it and will possibly recommend a template in my shop to start with, and then review what additional changes can be made.
  • If neither of the above apply, you might need a custom worksheet, but it all depends on the complexity of what you are trying to do.

Another option to consider if you are not in a rush and your spreadsheet is something that would go well with my current templates –  I can add your template idea to my next product collection.  My goal is to release a new product line (10 templates) every 3-4 months, so please send me your ideas and I will try my best to add them in!

You can also sign up for my email list to be notified when the new templates are available:

Note that ALL of my templates are designed in Microsoft Excel, so you will need Excel on your computer to use these templates.  Most of my templates are emailed, because they come personalized with your name or business name.

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