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This excel template package is specifically designed for someone who sells digital products.

Whether you are on Etsy or other venues, selling a digital product can have unique challenges.   This template will work well if you are designing and selling products that take a lot of upfront time investment, and costs are more overhead related and not able to be applied to specific products.  

This works well for premade logo’s and graphics, digital art prints, digital invitations, digital photography, or any other type of instant download products. 

With this package you are getting 3 templates combined into 1 and linked together, to help save time with data entry.

1st section: Profit per Product and Sales Tracking

With digital products, the focus for this template is tracking the time you invest in each product, estimating how many times you need to sell to break even, and tracking the sales for each product. 

You also might want to save an extra copy to use this for estimating a feasable selling price, as it will tell you how much product you’ll need to sell to break even on your time. 

2nd Section: Track your Etsy Sales Counts per product

The next 2 pages in the worksheet are set up so that you can download your Etsy csv with your sales data (directions included), and paste this into the template.  The summary will then update to show the counts of how many sold per item.  You can use any time range – downloading 1 year at a time, or multiple years if you prefer. 

3rd Section:  Overhead Expenses Tracking

The Business Expenses tracking template is sold individually, but has been added into this package for your convenience.  It’s set up to easily track any expense categories you want to – you enter the categories in column A, then they will automatically get added as options in the drop down list for you to enter the details. 

4th Section:  Sales and Expenses Summary

This page brings it all together with a nice monthly summary.  Expenses per month get pulled in from the Overhead expenses page, while the Etsy sales get pulled in from your Etsy csv you can paste in (which was also used to get counts per product). 

There is also an extra column to enter total monthly sales if you use other venues.  

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You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and a PDF with directions, via email.  Templates come personalized with your name and/or shop name.

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