Craft Show Profits Checker and Organizer


Do you sell your products at craft shows or markets?  This template is designed to help you track everything from application due dates, fees, sales, expenses such as the mileage, booth fees, even your time, and much more.

If you accept payments through square, you will also be able to import your square sales – so no wasting time on entering each sale.

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If you participate in several craft shows, and want an easy way to track each one, this template is going to help you look at the big picture – which shows are most profitable, and help you track different application due dates and fees as well.  On top of that it will also help you track your time and mileage per show.

The template consists of 2 pages/tabs – the 1st is the craft show page, where you will enter the majority of your information, and the 2nd page is the square page – set up for you to copy and paste your square csv.  After you paste your square report into the square page, the craft show page will add up the total sales and fees from square.

1st page – Craft Shows details – 1 craft show per row

  • Blue section – Here you will enter the general information related the application due dates, when the craft show is, etc.  You will enter 1 craft show per row.
  • Green section – this will contain all your sales information.  Here you can enter your total cash sales and/or upload the square csv and it will also total your square sales.
  • Purple section – additional costs/expenses
  • At the end it will calculate:
  • Net Profit per show
  • Sales to Booth Fee ratio (total sales divided by booth fee)

2nd page – Square sales – you will need to login to your square account to download your csv, and then copy and paste it into this page.

Keeping track of your craft show ventures is going to be a breeze with this template and may give you some valuable insight into which shows you decide to participate in.