Inventory and Sales Consignment Tracking for Stores, Track Consignments Excel Template


Made just for a small boutique or store that accepts items on consignment, this template is a great way to organize your consignment inventory, sales and payouts due to consignors.

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This excel template was created to help a store owner keep track of various items that are consigned from different consignors, with varying payout percentages.   The template consists of several different pages that are linked together, making it easy to enter your information and then the summaries and formulas are already set up to calculate the amounts due to each consignor.

See a demonstration of this template in use here:

This template was set up to be easy to use and color coded – with grey columns representing the formulas that will calculate or link to another page in the worksheet.

There are 3 main pages to enter your information –

  • Inventory Details
  • Sales Details – When a sale is made, you can enter the item code, sale date, sale price and the # sold. The rest of the grey columns will automatically populate.
  • Consignor Information – including the payout percent for each consignor

The Sales Summary page will summarize all the information entered in the other pages.  There are 3 summary tables that will show –

  • Total sales by month
  • Total sales by consignor
  • Total sales by month and consignor

You will just have to click a refresh button anytime new information is added to the sales details worksheet, to get the tables to update, however it is outlined in the directions.

UPGRADE option:  Get this with the word labels template, where you can link all your inventory to a word document and then print out price labels.  See an example here:

You will receive this by email. You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and PDF file with directions.

All templates are for your use and come personalized with your name or shop name. You do not have permission to distribute or resell.

If you consign your own items to different stores/venues, you may be interested in the simple consignment tracking template here.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Consignment sales by month

For the most part this is a great way to track consignment. Though for some reason the sales stop in April and I can not for the life of me figure out how to get it to populate May through the present?…. HELP

Heidi Schiller
Great Template for Art Shop Sales

This template saved me hours of work to create a clean and simple spreadsheet to track sales for a consignment art shop in our small arts center. My only comments would be to add a column for sales tax calculations and/or transaction fee (we use Square) on the Daily Sales.

Hope Streifel

My only complaint is there is nowhere to update payments so your consignment customer amounts are accurate

Wendy MKE
Awesome template!

This was a great template - I made a few quick tweaks, entered all our info(whew) and am so excited for how much quicker it is going to be to write consignment checks, pull reports and track!

Amanda Leopard
Simple and Easy

The Template makes taking in and selling consignment simple. It allows me to track my sales easily. The only downfall is that it does not have a payout option (that I know of). So when you pay a consignor for sold items there is no way to track that or take it from their total sales. Overall I would say the purchase of the Excel Template was worth it.