Christmas Gift List Template, Holiday Gift Planner – Instant Download


Making a list and checking it twice?!  Upgrade your Christmas shopping list to this easy to use excel template, that will have you listing and budgeting, and calculating your total spending amounts, so you can stay on track with your holiday shopping sprees.


Whether you’ve already started your holiday shopping or you are a last-minute kind of person, this template will help you get organized from the start.

This shopping list can be printed out so you can enter things as you go, or you can enter your information into the spreadsheet and the totals will calculate to show if you are over or under your original budget.

You do not have to be an expert in excel to use this worksheet, it is made to be fool-proof, so all the cells with formulas are protected to prevent you from writing over them accidentally.

How it works~

•Enter your Total Christmas Budget at the top of the page. If you’re not sure, you can leave this blank.
•List out the recipients you are planning to buy gifts for and the budgeted amount you plan to spend on each one.
•There are also columns where you can enter a category such as Family, Co-workers, Friends, etc.
•There is a column to enter any gift ideas and notes (sometimes it helps to brainstorm for those who are really hard to buy for!)
*Once you buy the presents, enter the gift and amount spent.

The file will then calculate~
•The last 2 columns will indicate the amount you are over or under for that particular individual’s row.
•The top of the page will show your running totals for amount spent.
•Total Budget Remaining – This will calculate based on the Total Budget you enter at the top of the page and the total amount spent.
•Budget Discrepancy – This is the difference between the total budget you enter at the top of the page and the total of the amounts you have budgeted/ allocated for each individual.

You will be able to filter any of the column headers by clicking on the little boxes in the right corner, so if you want to filter by certain groups, etc.

*The file is set to print. There are 4 pages total, but you can print as many times as you want or save different versions of the file.

You will receive an instant download immediately after purchase – the download will contain 2 files – an Excel version and a PDF version.  The PDF version won’t calculate any of the totals, but I wanted to include it as an option if you don’t have Excel.

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