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Business Expenses Bundle - Simple and Easy to use!

This set of 3 excel templates will help with tracking your overhead expenses – whether you have just a few expense categories, or up to 55 different expense categories – and you can customize those categories to fit your specific situation.   So what templates are included in the bundle?

  1. Basic Business Expenses tracking – this is the original template with the option to add up to 21 of your own expense categories. 
  2. Extra Expense categories version – in this version you’ll be able to add up to 55 of your own expense categories. 
  3. Included as a bonus – a sales tracking page so you can track your income and then a monthly summary report to show the totals and net profit per month:

See an example of this template in use:

How does it work?

The business expenses template was designed to be a simple and effective way to easily track your overhead expenses.  All expense categories are customizable, giving you the most flexibility. 

First you simply enter the expense categories you want to use in the orange column A: 

As you add your categories in the first column, they will automatically be added to a drop down list you can select from in the blue section, where you will enter the individual expenses.  You can enter as many expenses per category as you need to.  The summary will automatically add up the grand totals per category as you go. 

A second summary page will show the totals for expenses by category, by month and by the supplier/ venue:

For even more flexibility and reporting - Upgrade Option

Newly updated, the upgrade option includes several key features – including ability to track contractor and staff time and costs per project, as well as a multi-year dashboard to see how your expenses are comparing year over year.  

To use the new charts, you’ll still enter all your expenses the same way, but there will be extra summary pages:

The upgrade option also includes extra pages to track the hours and costs for up to 30 contractors or staff members.  This is not necessarily a payroll or time tracking tool, but can be used to tie the hourly labor costs to specific clients, and tracking the client profitability.  You will be able to enter the total hours worked per day and per client, for each staff member:

You will receive the templates via email, along with PDF directions.  All templates are designed in MS Excel, but are also compatible with google sheets. 

*All templates are for personal use only and come personalized with your name or business name; please do not distribute.

Have questions?  See the FAQ page here. 

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Just what I needed¡

For me, it was money well spent¡ Instead of me having to figure out myself how to do it in Excel, I got this and hit the ground running. Not to mention, when I had an issue… customer service was very helpful¡

Rebecca Mork
So easy to use!

I had been looking for an excel expense tracker and it was hard to find. Thankfully I found this one and I love it! Thank you so much for making this available. I own a small business and it works great.

Jennifer Hohenshell
Awesome Small Business Expense Spreadsheet

I am so happy I chose to purchase my small business spreadsheet through Time Saving Templates! My order was filled quickly and I was able to get started with it immediately when it came. Simple to use and a REAL timesaver, both now as I use it and again at tax time when I need the info at my fingertips. 10/10 Highly Recommend.


Love it