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The Bonus Bundle includes 2 templates with 2 ways to calculate and reward staff with bonuses based on performance!

Included is the Variable compensation template, that works well for larger bonus programs where there are set performance ratings, salary bands and bonus targets.

See an example of how the 1st template works here:

The 2nd template included in this package is the Key Performance Indicator template! With this one, you can create your own KPI's or performance standards, and have the template calculate how to distribute your bonus pool. Works well with a smaller group of staff as it allows up to 20 employees within 1 file (although you can also save extra versions for more).

See an example of how the 2nd KPI template works here:

What is included on every template?

All templates are made with a user-friendly format so it’s easy for you to follow the color-coded cells to enter your data.  Then all that’s left is to let the formulas and charts do the hard work for you!

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