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Get a FREE bonus spreadsheet template, when you purchase ANY 2 Time Saving Templates! 

When you buy any 2 templates (or a package that contains multiple templates), you’ll automatically be sent a free bonus template.

If you would like to choose the free template, simply add this $0 listing to your cart and select 1 of these 4 options in the drop down:

  • Person Budgeting: Monthly Budget Worksheet
  • HR/Compensation: Salary Increase Worksheet
  • Rental Property: Rental Investment Analysis Template
  • Small Business: Craft Show Profit Tracker

This bonus is only available during the Black Friday - Cyber Monday weekend!


Be sure to take advantage of this bonus before end of day on Monday 12/2!

After you select your bonus template, be sure to add 2 more spreadsheet templates to qualify! Shop these categories:

Not sure what to select for your FREE bonus template?  Below is more information on the bonus templates. 

The Monthly Budgeting Worksheet will make it easy to track your household income and expenses.  This is set up for ease of use – you can enter recurring monthly amounts, or variable amounts that change each week or month.  The summary will add up all your totals to show your monthly savings. 

The Investment Analysis Worksheet works great if you want to compare potential rental properties – making some estimates on which will have the best ROI.  This one has a place for comparing up to 3 properties at once.

The Craft Show Organizer will help you in tracking different costs related to craft shows and determining which craft shows end up being the best and most profitable for you. 

For those in HR or Compensation – The Salary Increase Analysis Worksheet will help summarize and evaluate sets of increase requests, one off promotions or adjustments.  There are different tabs/pages set up for hourly and salaried related increases.

One FREE bonus template per customer, is only available for a few days, ending on Cyber Monday 12/2.

All templates are designed in MS Excel, and come with a PDF file with directions.  All templates come personalized with your name or company name, and are delivered to your email inbox. 

Ready to shop and earn your FREE Bonus template?

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