Handmade Seller Success Package – 5 Templates for Pricing Products, Inventory, Sales/Expenses, and COGS


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Whether you sell your handmade goods on etsy or at craft shows or other venues, get your shop organized with this Seller Success package!  

This package includes all the templates you will need for pricing products, tracking sales and expenses, 2 inventory worksheets and cost of goods sold template.

See examples of all the templates and upgrade options in this video:


Below is a brief description of each template, but you can also click on them to view the entire description:

Pricing Products template – Price all your products in 1 file with this handy pricing tool. You will simply enter the costs of materials, the time you invest in each item, and at the top you will enter an hourly rate to pay yourself. The file will then calculate the cost of your time and a recommended wholesale and retail price. The paypal and etsy fees will be added into the recommended retail price too, but there is an option for a template without fees added in, upon request. The basic package includes price template for 100 items, but there is an upgrade to 1,000 items option.

Cost Of Good Sold Template – This one is linked with the pricing template described above, saving you a ton of time in determining your cogs per item. This page will automatically list any finished items and the cost per item. When you enter the amounts sold of each item, the cost of goods sold will calculate for each item and total at the top.

Sales and Expenses Template (multi-venue) – This is a comprehensive file that will save you time with tracking your sales and expenses. You can enter everything into this file (although a lot can be imported from your venues or payment processor’s so you don’t actually have to enter everything), but the summary will give the profit/loss for everything, giving a great big-picture insight into your bottom line.  There are different upgrade options depending on which venue/payment processor you want to use it with- Etsy, Paypal, Amazon, Square or Stripe – and directions are included on how to download your CSV from these sites, and then copy and paste them into the template.

See the upgrade options for this below.

Materials Inventory Spreadsheet – This template goes with the Pricing Template and helps you break down the cost per unit so you can quickly price your creations. This is helpful when supplies are bought in large lots/wholesale and then small amounts are used for each project and helpful for comparing vendors.  This page is included in the same file with your pricing and COGS so you can easily check the price on various materials when you’re pricing.

Inventory Tracking Template – This template helps to give you a good indicator of when you are running low on a supply. You’ll enter purchases as well as keeping track of when you’ve used up some materials in a project. The summary table will link your purchases and used items together so you can quickly see how many you have left.

UPGRADE options-

*Basic Seller Package – Comes with all 5 templates, the Sales & Expenses tracking template has 1 annual summary page.  The pricing-cogs template is the 100 item version.

*All other upgrade options below, include the 1,000 item pricing-cogs template:

*Basic+Monthly Reports – Same as above, except the Sales & Expenses template includes a summary page for each month and an annual summary page (so 13 pages of reports that summarize the data you’ll enter either way).

*Monthly+Etsy+PayPal+Amazon – Same as above, except you’re able to import Amazon handmade sales into an extra page for amazon, and the summary pages will add up your Amazon sales, fees and shipping.

*Monthly+All Venues – This includes the sales and expenses template that works to import your sales and fees from: Etsy, Paypal, Stripe, Square and Amazon.

You will receive your templates via email, and all templates come personalized with your name or business name, so please let me know which you’d like to use. All templates are created in Microsoft Excel and PDF Directions are included with most templates. Upon request, files can be made compatible with the free program Open Office.

All templates are for personal use only; please do not distribute.

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