Basic Excel Crash Course


If you are new at using excel spreadsheets, you probably like the idea of using premade excel templates, but maybe you also need extra support as you get used to navigating the templates and worksheets?

Take the fast-track to utilizing excel in the most efficient ways and be organized in no time!

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This crash course will cover everything you need to know about using excel spreadsheet templates that are already set up, without going over every possible thing there is to do in excel, which could take a long time! The Crash Course provides a fast-track to getting organized with Excel, because it doesn’t start with a blank spreadsheet. We’re assuming you have a template already set up, which leads us to the fast-track for tips and shortcuts that will work right where you are.

Only the best, time-saving tips will be covered and if you have questions, I’m happy to help!

Here’s a video that goes over what’s included:

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You will have access to 15+ short training videos to walk you step-by-step through all the basics and shortcuts when using excel worksheets.  The videos include click-by-click directions on:
• How to add and organize folders to save all your templates and files on your computer
• Navigating Excel with ease and shortcuts
• Making your own formatting changes
• Saving different versions of your templates, including PDFs
• How to analyze data by using filters, sorting and viewing 2 worksheets side by side.
• How to copy and paste, drag cells, sequencing, different kinds of pasting (values, formats, etc.)
• Getting excel to print what you want.
• And much, much more!

If you are new to using excel worksheets, but you know that you need to use them for your business to get organized, without the frustration of trial and error, this program can help!

After purchasing the crash course, you will receive your login information, where you will be able to log into the training website to view all the videos and download the templates used in the examples.

You will be able to download these templates that are covered in the training videos, directly from the website after you login:

• Receipts template
• Simple Inventory worksheet
• Expenses tracking worksheet

*All other templates would need to be purchased separately.  The training videos will go over spreadsheet basics that can be applied to any excel templates.

*All templates are for personal use only; please do not distribute.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!