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If you utilize Airbnb to rent your properties, this excel template is going to save you some time when it comes to tracking the rental income and expenses.

Tracking your Airbnb rental income and expenses is made much easier with this template.  Simply download a csv of all your rentals from Airbnb, copy and paste it into the specified page in the template, and the summary page will add up your totals for rental income, cleaning fees and Airbnb host fees.

Depending on which option you select, you can choose the number of Airbnb vs. regular (long term) properties, and/or combine with VRBO if you use their booking system as well.

You will also be able to enter expenses into 2 different pages, depending on the type-

  • Variable Expenses page – to enter expenses as they occur and assign them to the correct expense category (the categories taken from schedule E)
  • Standard Expenses page – for expenses that are set and the same each month, you can enter the expense 1x and it will populate into all 12 months.  This save a lot of time with data entry when you know the amounts will be the same.  This section can also be used to track income – if you have some long term rentals that pay the same amount each month.

Main Summary Page

The main summary page will add up the annual totals for each property, for the following:

  • Annual Rental Income
  • Annual Expenses per category (using the schedule E categories)
  • Total Profit/Loss (Income minus Expenses)

Different Versions:

You can select from these options depending on how many properties you’re tracking:

  • 4 AirBnb properties and 1 regular
  • 15 AirBnb properties
  • 20 Airbnb properties

If you also list the same properties on VRBO, you can also select one of the combo options to get a file that will be able to upload your data from both vrbo and airbnb (directions included) –

  • Combo with 4 Airbnb & VRBO, 1 regular
  • Combo with 10 AirBnb & VRBO

Want to try a free rental template?

Download a rental property improvement tracker for 3 home improvement projects: 

About me

I’m not associated with AirBnb or VRBO.  I have family that are rental property DIY-ers and I’ve designed this template to help them organize their rental income and expenses. The file is not meant to provide any type of tax/ accounting advice.

See more rental property templates here.

You will receive an Excel Spreadsheet and a PDF file with directions via email.  

*You do not have permission to distribute or re-sell the template, so please don’t do it.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thanks for your interest in a template!

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