Download this free pricing template to find out how much you could sell your products for:

Save time on figuring out what to charge for your products, by using this streamlined spreadsheet template that will help you calculate prices for multiple products.
With this free template + video guide you will get:

A template that does the math for you, to add up:

  • your total costs per item
  • recommended wholesale price
  • recommended retail price
  • With Etsy & PayPal fees added into retail price

It’s easy, all you have to do is plug in:

  • your material costs
  • your time to make the items
  • your hourly rate

See why people LOVE using this pricing template!

But wait… what if you run into questions:

*What if the recommended price comes out higher than you think you can sell your product for?
*What if you are a newbie excel worksheet user and don’t understand how to use it?
*What if you are not sure this formula will work for your situation?

I’ll be answering those questions and more via video so you can see step by step how to use this template to price your products and what to do if you run into any of these questions.

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