Inventory Management

Inventory Issues and what to DO about them!

Back when I was running my jewelry and wedding wine charms business, inventory was always one of those things that just sneakily crept up and started causing issues, especially after going through busy holiday and wedding seasons. 

In this video, I go over some of the challenges I faced when tracking inventory for my business:

Have you run into any of these inventory issues too?

*Running out of raw materials without realizing it, then having to remove or deactivate listings so no one could buy them (and missing out on sales, yikes!)

*Wasting time searching for materials, that caused open orders to be delayed. 

*Tax Time Nightmares – realizing that I wasted a ton of time, by not having an organized system for tracking inventory and COGS (cost of goods sold). 

If this is sounding familiar, I completely understand the struggle!

Depending on what type of product you sell, there are even more types of inventory challenges that could come up, as I’ve seen with countless small businesses over the years.

There's a better way to get your inventory organized!

After I realized I was running into frequent inventory issues and wasting time and money, by not getting my inventory organized, I decided there has to be a better way.  

I started tracking it all in Excel, and thanks to my previous corporate jobs in HR/compensation, I knew exactly how to set up the formulas, for a system that was completely streamlined and easy to use.  

With an organized system for tracking inventory, tax time was a breeze!  I was able to quickly find out my COGS (cost of goods sold) and inventory to report on the schedule C.  

Plus, no more deactivating listings because I ran out of materials.  I had a system down to get me through the busy holiday and wedding seasons, and was able to keep everything in stock, maximizing sales.  

Implementing a streamlined system for tracking inventory is as easy as using a template.

It's as easy as just entering your product data 1x and everything will link together in order to save you time when tracking your inventory, pricing and COGS! If you are already entering your data for pricing, why not have it there for inventory tracking too?

This video goes over an example of how to use the Handmade Seller’s Inventory file to track your Pricing – COGS and Raw Materials inventory – all in 1 file:

See what other's are saying about using this system:


How does this work?

Most of the templates are designed in MS Excel and are compatible with all versions of Excel.  If you have ‘Excel for Macs’ on your mac computer that will be compatible.

If you don’t have Excel, I recommend Open office, which is a free program you can download.  I have Open Office versions of most templates, available upon request.

Most of the templates also work well with Google Sheets.  When purchasing, you agree to the licensing terms which allow the template to be used by the buyer only, and not shared to others for commercial reasons.

Most of the templates come with the cells with formulas protected, to prevent someone from accidentally deleting or writing over a formula, which could cause the template to not work as described.

If you want to be able to make changes to the formulas, you can upgrade to the unprotected version here.  Most of the templates come personalized with your name or company name and that remains protected, even in the unprotected versions.

I can also make changes or customizations for you.   See more information about custom orders here.

See more inventory templates here, or review how each one can help with your specific situation in this video:

Whether you are selling jewelry, soaps, purses, outfits or accessories… I want you to have a streamlined process for tracking your inventory, so that you can have ultimate efficiency, freeing up your time to scale your handmade business efforts.

More questions? Contact me below: